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  • VR Paradise Gentleman's Club

    VR Paradise

    VR Paradise is a popular virtual reality game from the creators of the already insanely popular stri…

  • Ashley Madison Dating

    Ashley Madison

    Ashley Madison is an adult dating service aimed at both men and women who are looking for an extrama…

  • Hentai Heroes Events

    Hentai Heroes Event Details

    The latest event details for the free Hentai Heroes games will appear at the top of this post under …

  • 3DXChat Review

    3DXChat Review – Updated

    3DXChat is an adult MMORPG that is one of the best that you will find. It is not the only adult MMO…

  • iStripper Cosplay

    iStripper Cosplay

    iStripper cosplay is one of the favourite categories in this popular desktop strip game; what’…

  • iStripper Belka

    iStripper Belka

    iStripper Belka is a beautiful adult model from Odessa in the Ukraine and has several shows on iStri…

  • 3dxchat 2.8 header

    3DXChat 2.8

    3DXChat 2.8 is the latest version of this massively popular MMOVSG (massively multiplayer online vir…

  • Sensual Adventures episode 6 The Revelation review

    Sensual Adventures Episode 6 Review

    Sensual Adventures episode 6, The Revelation, is the next episode in the latest story.  The overall …

  • iStripper Special Event Cards

    iStripper Special Event Cards

    iStripper special event cards (SEC) are hard to get, so why do we keep trying? There is something ni…

  • Elf' Quest 2 Review

    Elf’s Quest 2 Review

    Elf’s Quest 2 is a visual novel with around 200 images and 550 lines of dialogue. It is availa…

  • Sensual Adventures 5, The Vacation Review

    Sensual Adventures Episode 5 Review

    Sensual Adventures episode 5, The Vacation, continues this successful futanari franchise, but with a…

  • Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 2 Review

    Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 2 Review

    Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice part 2 continues the Porn and Prejudice series by Gazukull; you may …

  • FutaErotica Pirate Island Review

    FutaErotica Pirate Island Review

    FutaErotica Pirate Island is a full length 21 minute Futanari 3DX animation.  You are aboard the pir…

  • 3DXChat and Lovense

    3DXChat and Lovense

    3DXChat and Lovense allows long distance sexual interaction using sex toys and has been proving popu…

  • Strip n Play with Valerie Review

    Strip n Play With Valerie Review

    Strip n Play with Valerie is a cool new game from Ace X on Patreon.  The game is a modern day take o…

  • Hentai Heroes Review

    Hentai Heroes Review

    Hentai Heroes is a free to play adult RPG game, played in a story mode.  The idea is simple, you hav…

  • Puppetmaster 2019 Collection

    Puppetmaster 2019 Collection

    Puppetmaster 2019 Collection is an exhaustive collection of Puppetmaster’s 3DX animations and …

  • iStripper Mobile Review

    iStripper Mobile Review

    iStripper Mobile is the next generation of personal strippers, this time for your mobile devices. Th…

  • Virtual Strippers

    VR Strippers

    VR strippers can be very arousing, pretty much like actual strippers; one big difference, beyond of …

  • 3DXChat Covid-19 Updates

    3DXChat Covid-19 Updates

    3DXChat Covid-19 updates are simply referring to all the updates since the Covid-19 lockdown; also t…

Recent Posts

Tool Boy Kelvin Review

Tool boy Kelvin is the 6th edition of the gay adult games series from PocketDate Boy, at the time of writing the latest edition is the 8th edition, but each game brings something new to the mix, even if it is just the storyline. The graphics are always cool in the PocketDate Boy games, and Tool Boy Kelvin is no exception ...

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3d Lesbian review

3D Lesbian Review

3D Lesbian is a 3DX game for both women or men who love lesbian sex games. 3D Lesbian is a niche version of 3D SexVilla 2 that has been created for all who want to see hot 3D virtual girls getting downright dirty with each other. 3D Lesbian is a top quality adult game with outstanding graphics, excellent sound and ...

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POV House Review

POV House is a popular interactive virtual sex game that brings you beautiful girls and original content along with an original and very unique game style. Like other games of a similar ilk such as Sambuka or VirtualFem it uses POV video in HD to ensure that you really feel you are participating in the sex. The POV House adult ...

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Lessons of Passion Gold review

Lessons of Passion Gold Review

Lessons of Passion Gold is a collection of adult sex adventure games created using adobe flash. In order to progress through the the games it is necessary to perform a number of tasks along with making the right choices on how you talk to her; make the right choices and you could get the girl naked and naughty. They are ...

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3d Girlz review

3D Girlz Review

3D Girlz is an interactive virtual sex game that offers incredible graphics, sound and a heap of customisations so that you can create a 3D Sex game that perfectly matches your taste in women and your fantasies. The customiser is the real strength with 3D Girlz, so is worth taking the time to explore. Once you have logged in you will ...

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VirtualFem Aaralyn Barra review

VirtualFem Aaralyn Barra Review

VirtualFem Aaralyn Barra is the VirtualFem girl of the month for May 2014, she is only 28 years old. For those of you who are younger you will be able to feel like you are having sex with an experienced hottie, and for those who are older, you get to have sex with a younger woman. VirtualFem Aaralyn Barra is from ...

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Girlfriends 4 Ever review

Girlfriends 4 Ever Review

Girlfriends 4 Ever is less a 3D sex game and more a 3D sex viewer but you know what, it won’t matter to you one bit. It is quick to get to the sex action so you won’t have to worry about setting up or performing tasks, if this is what you like then read on. You’ve only got to take ...

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Pink Visual review

Pink Visual Games Review

Pink Visual Games have created an extremely high quality 3D sex game called the Pink Visual Sex Simulator. There is much to love about this, but mostly it is because it is free, admittedly it is only if you want a censored version that you will get away without spending a cent, but to be fair it is a great way ...

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SexSim Review

SexSim Review

Ripened Peach, the authors and developers of the fantastic Cherry Dolls adult game have done it again, and this time it’s free! SexSim is the latest sex game to be released by Ripened Peach. Released for over a year now, it was originally a year in the making and since then has grown hugely in popularity thanks to the quality of the …

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Velvet Express Review

Velvet Express Review

On the initial startup screen you can board the Velvet Express adult game or adjust the game’s settings. The settings are a good place to start; click the mouse on each setting to toggle through the options. Choose between screen size, windowed, effects and music volume and recording buffer. I started on the biggest screen size and ran it full screen …

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VirtualFem Renae Cruz review

VirtualFem Renae Cruz Review

VirtualFem Renae Cruz represents nearly 10 years of the popular VirtualFem adult game. In that time there have been nearly 120 of the hottest women for you to download and have virtual sex with whenever you feel in the mood for it. The best bit is that when you join VirtualFem you get access to all of these women, ...

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VirtualFem Crissy Cums Review

VirtualFem Crissy Cums Review

VirtualFem Crissy Cums is a dirty girl, a porn star and she is ready to be your virtual girlfriend. When it comes to VirtualFem girls then there are definitely better girls than Crissy Cums, but she certainly does love sex and she will always aim to please you. If you have ever fancied getting a blowjob from a stripper in ...

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Pizza Boy Giorgio Review

Pizza Boy Giorgio is the 8th edition of the popular Pocket Date Boy gay game. With each edition we have seen changes; in some instances small and seemingly insignificant and in others they have been more in depth. In the case of Pizza Boy Giorgio, we are talking about almost a total re-write. Pocket Date Boy gay games come in ...

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Strip Poker XXX review

Strip Poker XXX Review

Strip Poker XXX is a top quality free poker game that will allow you to compete against both real and virtual players at the same time. You will need to know the rules of Texas hold’em in order to play, but if you have a basic understanding of poker you should also muddle through. If you are not sure of ...

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VirtualFem Britney Stevens Review

VirtualFem Britney Stevens is an all American girl from North Hollywood, California. She is little, just 5 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs in at 125 pounds (most of that must be in her pert looking but amply sized 36DD tits). Britney is just 27 years old and she thoroughly enjoys virtual sex in as many different positions as possible. ...

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Desktop Stripper Ayako Fuji in Geisha in Neo-Tokyo