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Sensual Adventures The Game DLC Review

Sensual Adventures the Game DLC Review

Sensual Adventures the Game DLC adds a host of customisation features to an already cool futanari game. Essentially a DLC is downloadable content, so remember it will not work unless you also buy Sensual Adventures the game.

So, if you haven’t heard of it already, you should read the review of Sensual Adventures the Game. Sensual Adventures is a series of 3DX animations featuring the futas Brittany and Trinity, the game extends this franchise even further.  The game is available as both an Android game and a browser game, you get both when you buy it; you can get it from Affect3D.

Sensual Adventures the Game DLC

Cars, motorcycles, houses, whatever your thing is, we all like to add a personal touch, to make something ours. Within Sensual Adventures the Game you couldn’t change the look of Trinity or Brittany, however now you can. The game DLC adds customisation, so now these futas can truly be yours.

If you like the girls, but wanted them to have a different look, you can now achieve it. The DLC gives the ability to make changes to the head, the upper and lower body, shoes and genitals; also there are subsections which provide the specifics.

You can expect to change all manner of things from hair and make up, to clothing and piercings; you will also be able to change the genitals of each dickgirl to be balls or no balls.

If you are already a fan of Sensual Adventures the Game, then the DLC is probably a worthwhile upgrade, especially at $12.

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Sensual Adventures the Game

It is worth mentioning that Sensual Adventures the Game keeps moving on with further updates.  Since the original review there are now five chapters in the story mode, you can also select which chapter to play.  In quick mode I have noticed that there is now a Pose button; strangely enough, as you would expect, this lets you select which pose to use, currently there are 11.

The Auto camera mode is one of the features that is also useful if you want to play relatively hands free!

Final Thoughts on the DLC

Is Sensual Adventures the Game DLC perfect, probably not. There will always be initial omissions (changing breast size for example), and as with the game it will no doubt evolve.  However, there are tons of things included to help you personalise their identities to your tastes so take a look. The link below will take you to a product page for the DLC with a video preview.

Download Sensual Adventures the Game DLC

Sensual Adventures the Game DLC Review Overview

Features - 90%
Ease of Use - 100%
Value for Money - 90%


Add a host of customisations to Sensual Adventures the Game

Give Brittany and Trinity their own personalities through their look and clothing. Make them look like the vision you want of them. Once you have personalised them, they will appear that way in both quick mode and story mode.

User Rating: 4.56 ( 1 votes)

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