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Anime Games Review

Anime Games Review

Anime games are specifically for adults also there are download games and online playable adult games. You have access to over 30 Gigabytes of anime games which cover several categories. With all that choice so you should find the anime games you are after; however, many of the games are in Japanese so you won’t be able to read them. Even so, they are still enjoyable to watch even if you don’t understand Japanese.

There are a good number of downloadable hentai games to choose from. Although some of the games are older, the graphics are still good, also the gameplay is interesting. Furthermore, all of the games that I downloaded were translated into English and 100% uncensored. If you love your hentai, this section should keep you happy for hours; also it probably contains the biggest selection of downloadable adult games on the site.

The 3D adult games section is essentially 3D Hentai, although there are less games here the graphics are excellent. One particularly good game for instant hentai sex was Kutu; you were able to change camera angles and act out sex scenes, you could also return to scenes. You could control the speed of the sex in the game, but as the hentai girl seemed to be forced to have sex, you may find it a little dark.

Hentai Chicks are there to please, and will do whatever you want (within reason). Get them to remove their clothes or get fucked by a big dildo (which you control), all with a couple of clicks; you can then re-dress them in new clothes and do it all over again. Whilst these games are pretty basic with anime style graphics, they are OK, and quick to get to the nudity.

Adult flash games is the biggest section on the anime games site. There are a varied selection of hundreds of types of games in comic style, hentai and anime; there are also miscellaneous and 3D adult flash games and animations. Some of the games are just plain stupid, but fun, and some are erotic, but I am sure that you will find plenty to love.

Flash adventures gives you comic animations some of which are just funny and some more erotic. They do not need downloading but on a slower internet connection some of the animations take a short while to load. Each collection has a number of animations within it.

Flash episodes come in the form of images or animations, and each category contains multiple episodes. They are similar in content type to the flash adventures.

In addition to the above Anime Games also includes the standard selection of bonus sites and content; these include live cams, live shows and even a DVD Theatre with triple X Porn DVD downloads.

Anime Games is an excellent site for lovers of hentai and anime erotica. It is updated with new downloads weekly and includes a diverse number of games and animations.

Another review you may find interesting is that of the Hentai Password membership site.

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Anime Games Review Overview

Graphics - 84%
Value for Money - 87%
Variation - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 86%


Adult Anime Games and More

Anime Games is far more than a collection of hentai and anime adult games. You also get bonus membership to a number of other sites free.

User Rating: 3.05 ( 1 votes)

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