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Elf' Quest 2 Review

Elf’s Quest 2 Review

Elf’s Quest 2 is a visual novel with around 200 images and 550 lines of dialogue. It is available to play on Windows, Mac and Android.

The graphics are very good, with most images being 4K format. In terms of the dialogue, I thought it could be a little better because the storyline seemed a bit weak; it is only my opinion however, and it was a long story.

Elf’s Quest 2 – the Story

Hekaterine has been waiting for her trusty servant, Sara, to return from her sexual journey; Sara is now back but has lost Alexa another trusty servant.  Hekaterine  wants to know where her Orb of Potency is, and Sara reveals it, explaining why and where it’s hidden!

Hekaterine wants Sara to become her bonded apprentice in the forbidden arts of the deep secret sex magics; Sara accepts and soon the magic works, Hekaterine gets her penis restored, she is a futa once more.  They both get to have a lot of sex, and Alexa’s return means that there is a third participant.

Elf’s Quest 2 took me about an hour and a half to go from start to finish; I could have probably done it slower, but that is something you can vary for yourself.

The Game Interface and Options

Elf’s Quest 2 can be thought of as a 3DX Game, but it is probably best described as a visual novel. Sometimes with the visual novels, you have to go through in one sitting because there is no save option; that is not the case with this one, there are some very useful options.  I have taken a screenshot of the help screen for you to see the options you have.

The most useful features in my opinion were the save and skip.  The save is a really useful feature to have in a visual novel, as it saves having to read it all at once; additionally it means you can return to your favourite bits easily, and there are plenty of save slots, 60 in all.  The save feature is also something that would be a nice addition to another futanari visual novel that I reviewed, Dead Tide IX.

You hold the <CTRL> key down on your keyboard to fast forward through the story; all the while it is held down it will skip, and it is fast; it took 50 seconds to fast forward through the entire story.  Two other features worth a mention are the ability to do screenshots and to hide the interface so that you see the image.  The game includes all the images anyway, but the screenshot allows you to capture the dialogue too.

There is the ability to have the text read to you, this is a nice feature, but the voice is just automated; actors voices would have been nice, but it is not a huge deal as mostly you’ll read it yourself I expect.

Summing Up Elf’s Quest 2

Although I felt that the story was a little weak for my taste, it was a good production overall. The quality of graphics and the additional options available in the game represent good value at under $10.  The ability to save means that the replay value is better as you are more likely to replay parts of the story; although, I expect much of the time you will just view the images.

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Elfs Quest 2 Review Overview

Graphics - 90%
Value for Money - 90%
Sound - 65%
Repeat Play Value - 80%


A sexy visual novel for lovers of Elvish Folk

User Rating: 4.07 ( 2 votes)

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