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Sex Toys for Men

Sex toys for men come in all shapes and sizes and even connect up to your tech to allow you to make the most from your adult games or porn whether using your laptop, iPad® or mobile phone. If you are looking for man toys to enhance your overall experience whilst adult gaming or watching porn then this is the right page of Adult Games News for you.

On here you will find details about innovative sex toys for men that can be used either for watching your favourite porn or for playing a growing selection of adult games, virtual sex games and adult MMORPGs.  Thanks to technology such as the vStroker you are now able to turn your fleshlight into a control so that your dick controls the sex just as it would in real life.

Many of the latest interactive sex games such as the 3DX Chat MMORPG or the interactive virtual sex game 3D SexVilla 2 are vStroker enabled to completely transform your gaming experience.  There are also several vStroker enabled porn movies to get off to.

Pulse Duo Review

Pulse Duo Review

The Pulse Duo is an innovative vibrator for the guys, a guybrator as it’s creators at Hot Octopuss call it; however, in addition to the pulse plate, it also includes a vibrating underside that is controlled by a remote control. The vibrating underside allows you to share the experience with your partner; they use the remote control to change the …

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Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss Innovative Sex Toys

Hot Octopuss is a unique British company with innovative, award winning sex toys, for everyone. Their website is fascinating for men and women who like to use sex toys, whether solo or as a couple.  I can’t remember where I first saw their products mentioned, but their interesting range keeps growing; with that in mind I felt they should get …

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Blewit Masturbator Review

Blewit Review

Blewit is a male masturbator, although similar to others in concept it is hoping to create better sexual relationships. Blewit’s focus is on pleasure training, in making you a better lover as well as enjoying yourself learning. Women and men alike have ...

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Blewit Masturbator For Mindful Masturbation

Blewit Masturbator

The Blewit masturbator is a male sex toy that has been specifically designed for perfect masturbation. I haven’t tried one myself as yet, but if you can believe all the info it looks set to become a must have sex toy for men ...

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Fleshlight Interactive Sex Toys

Fleshlight interactive incorporate sex toys for men and sex toys for women. The toys can be used alone or together depending on what you buy. If you are wondering what a Fleshlight is, then where have you been! Fleshlight have sold over 7 million units worldwide; this just goes to show that masturbation is widely accepted as an international pastime for both men …

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Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight review

Before I go any further, I would just like to say that if you think you enjoy masturbation then just wait until you try it with a Fleshlight in your hand! For those of you who do not know, Fleshlight is the best selling Male Sex Toy in the world. It started with just one type but now you have ...

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VStroker Games Review

VStroker games review

VStroker games are becoming more popular, with many adult game creators coming on board to make sure that their games are VStroker enabled. As with other new technology such as the Oculus Rift, it will take a little while before all virtual sex games are VStroker enabled, but there is a good chance that your favourite games are already VStroker ...

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VStroker Review

VStroker review

VStroker is amazingly simple yet is one of the most advanced virtual sex systems in the world. It is an add on for the Fleshlight male sex toy that lets you to experience virtual sex games and interactive porn as if you were really there. VStroker has been designed to be attached to any standard Fleshlight (the Flight needs an additional adapter) with ...

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Fleshlight Sex in a Can

Fleshlight Sex in a Can review

Fleshlight Sex in a Can is a fabulously innovative new range of male sex toys that you can buy for the incredibly low price of just $44.95. They are all made to the same high standard of quality that is present in all the other fleshlight products and will give you the ultimate in sexual pleasure but they can easily be tossed into an overnight bag ...

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