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3D GayVilla 2 gay sex game

3D GayVilla 2 Review

There are very few gay sex games around when you compare them to their heterosexual equivalents,  although in recent years both the number and quality of gay adult games has made a steady increase.  3D GayVilla 2 is one of the best virtual sex games of the bunch offering both variety and interactivity, oh  and the guys are  hot too!

When you load GayVilla 2 it will connect to the internet. After verifying your account you will be logged into your member area and all of the necessary essential updates and those new items which which you have paid for will be downloaded.  After a few minutes the game will begin, this takes a bit longer the first time than subsequent times, but it shouldn’t keep you waiting too long.

There are several options from the main screen, you are best to explore them for yourself  but a few are worth a mention.  The main one is the new scene option, this is the where you will start a new game. There is also a sex shop where you can buy sex packs; the sex packs form the foundation of both the customisations and the gameplay so it is worth spending a few minutes to take a good look around.  Amongst the large selection of  sex packs you will find sex toys, new characters, body enhancements and many other customisations.

Sex packs are purchased with the virtual coins that you will receive throughout the game.  You receive virtual coins by remaining a member in the form of  loyalty coins, but you also receive them by making the characters orgasm whilst you play the game; a bonus for getting off, who could ask for more!

The best way to get the most free virtual coins is by using the Storymode option. Storymode will present you with erotic stories covering a selection of sexual fantasies and you are required  to answer questions in order to progress through the story; answer correctly and the game will continue, answer incorrectly and you will  find yourself back at the beginning. If you are just looking for quick sex then this mode of play may seem daunting, but usually it’s easy to guess the answer to the questions, and you will enjoy the game more.

From the very beginning  it will be apparent that 3D GayVilla 2 is a quality gay game. There are loads of  options to explore and customisations that you can make, and in addition the quality of the graphics is superb.  It is easy to navigate your way around and if you get stuck there are some extremely helpful tutorials and help files to get you started.

The characters are pretty hunky and there are many different ones to choose from.  You can choose whether you want your characters dressed or naked or you can start slow and turn up the heat when you want to.  There is also a very cool sequencer where you can drop clothing, sex toys  and poses in order to create a video of your own making for you and your partner.

Visit the 3D GayVilla 2 website for a free download

3D GayVilla 2 Review Overview

Value for money - 90%
Graphics - 100%
Sound - 90%
Playability - 100%


An interactive gay sex game at it's best

Even without the limited number of gay adult games that exist, 3D GayVilla 2 would rank amongst the best. The top quality graphics and buff characters will keep you "cumming" back for more

User Rating: 3.88 ( 4 votes)

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