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3DXChat 3.0

3DXChat 3.0

3DXChat 3.0 became available on the 6th of September 2023 and has brought with it some major improvements. Where to start, well first things first, if you haven’t joined 3DXChat yet, you can find out more here.

One major improvement however is the game engine update from Unity 2018 to Unity 2021. This won’t be apparent to people as most the stuff was work behind the scenes. You will discover plenty of other additions and enhancements that will be apparent.

Like me, you may have got used to seeing many enhancements and improvements being put into the game; the developers just don’t appear to rest on their laurels.

3DXChat 3.0 Store

New to 3DXChat 3.0 is the personal store, or shop, depending on which term you prefer. This allows you to open your own store where people can buy things, and you benefit by getting 90% of the XGold from the sale of the item.  Items can simply be bought from the store, in addition you can place items such as beer or pizza on a table, or counter top.

People can show their appreciation of your efforts by buying any of your items.  Many items have special effects such as the vapes that will emit multicoloured smoke. Finally, if you want an area to be a non smoking area, just don’t place any items for smoking there.

iStripper Liya Silver stripping

Transferring XGold to Other Users

You can now send XGold to friends or other users, they will however only get 90% of what you send. The remaining 10% of your gift is a commission charge.

Allowing you to transfer your XGold is a great idea because you can pay for a service rendered; alternatively it means you can show your appreciation of  person.

Finally however, it is worth mentioning that a transfer cannot be cancelled, even by contacting Customer Support, so take care. As in the real world there are always those who will want to scam you.

Additional 3DXChat 3.0 Improvements

No 3DXChat update would be complete without a host of additions, this is no different. If you like your tattoos, there are a host of new hand drawn ones. Also, old clothes have been remastered and there is a new material system.

There is an amazing new movie cam that allows you to move around the scene using the mouse and the cursor keys, as if you are flying a drone. I’m not sure if you can record the footage from the game, I believe you should be able to, but I couldn’t see how. I used a screen capture program to record the video however, until I can see how to use the in game one (assuming the feature exists.

A good selection of new clothes and accessories have been added for those wanting to change their wardrobe.

If you are into creating amazing new worlds, you’ll b pleased to know there are new materials in the world editor. Additionally, there’s an object counter for those who need it.

Finally, there are new sex poses, these have not made there way in to the first release of 3DXChat 3.0. They should however make it into the next release.

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