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3D Sex Games Hot Deal

3D sex games, you gotta love them, they come in all shapes and sizes.  Now, you can get six of the top adult games around for the price of one; but, 3DXChat, the world’s most advanced multi-player online game is included all for just $19.95, now that’s amazing!  The 3D sex games hot deal gives monthly access or lifetime play depending on the game.

Briefly as already mentioned you get access to the much talked about 3DXChat Adult MMO. I have now been a member of 3DXChat for nearly two years and in my opinion it’s the best that I have played.  With access to 3DXChat you will be able to have sex online with other players from around the globe; alternatively you can simply meet up to socialise;  you can read more about our favourite game in our 3DXChat post.

Next we have another top ranking adult game Juliet Sex Session. This 3D sex sim does lack the complexity of some of the other 3D sex games around; however it scores high for it’s hardcore sex action, high quality graphics and simplicity of use. You get to see the beautiful blonde Juliet playing with herself in the rest room; next you get to have sex with her in a large number of positions.   You can even change the size of her breasts in real time.

Next up is Venus Hostage, this isn’t really a sex game but more a game with sex in. It is a first person adult adventure game that requires you to use your deductive skill to puzzle you way through the levels. It does lack a little in number of levels, but is a thoroughly enjoyable adult game.

If you like a slightly more quirky adult game then perhaps Nemos Whores will be the one for you; it contains atmospheric music in the style of Velvet Express, and requires that you walk around your submarine in order to find and have sex with a variety of different women that you happen to have brought under the sea with you!  Controlling the 3D sex in the game is simple and the graphics are very good with quite a wide variety of sexual positions to choose from.

The remaining three games are less challenging and more a diversion I suppose. Night Party is (according to the developer) a 3D adult quest game. You are at a party with your friend Julia and have to talk to girls in order to encourage them to have sex with you. Overall this is not very challenging but it is quite good fun.

Anal Masters is an unusual hentai style adult arcade game that at first glance seems very basic; however it is the simplicity that makes it so addictive. Basically you have to move the falling Hentai girl and catch things in her butt, yes it is as weird as it sounds, but it truly is pretty addictive and a nice diversion from the other adult games that you may have played.

In addition to all the games you will always get the latest updates as part of your membership, you will be able to participate in any beta offerings, and even submit your ideas and suggestions for new adult games.

iStripper Jia stripping

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Review Overview

Value for money - 100%
Graphics - 80%
Sound - 80%
Playability - 95%


Offers amazing value for money

The 3D sex games hot deal includes one of the best adult MMOs around and 6 other top adult games as well. The graphics quality depends on the game with 3DXChat being the best and Anal Masters being the worst.

User Rating: 3.85 ( 1 votes)

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