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3D Sex adult MMO game

3D Sex Review

3D Sex was an advanced adult MMO game where you can socialise with real people in order to meet friends and socialise with other adult gamers.  Don’t mistake me this is a truly adult game, because you can meet people for casual sex online as easy as you can meet them for a chat.

Below is really just details of that game, but there is a much better one since 3D Sex disappeared; Read about 3DXChat to find out more about the best MMOVSG around.

Many people join 3D Sex as a basic member to start with and then move up to  a VIP member with the intention finding willing partners to have sex with.  If this is your sole intention then you can be as anonymous as you want to because if you have no intention of meeting in person then age (so long as you are over 18), shape and marital status or sexual orientation are not really that important.

Conversely though, if you are looking to find new friends, or would like to find somebody with whom you could have a relationship away from the computer  then be honest about your identity.  Whatever you are looking for though always be respectful with others.   Even amongst those people who are  looking for fun online, not all will want sex every time you meet, and some may never want it.

3D Sex adult MMO game is available to you whatever your sexuality because there are heterosexual, bisexual, gay and lesbian members all looking for different things from their encounter, there are also those who are just curious.

However as this is a sex game review then let me tell you what I discovered. As a VIP and in your quest to find sexual encounters you may well discover some really cool people and have a good time just chatting.  If all these adult MMO games are new to you then it is likely that you may get a little confused to start with and  fumble your way around, but don’t worry there is always help on hand.  The help very often will come directly form members, you just have to talk to them, but there are also dedicated helpers in this virtual world that you can ask for help.

In 3D Sex there are an amazing amount of locations, so take your time and look around them as a free member you can still talk to people it’s just the sex you can’t have.

Join as a VIP member if you want to have sex, if you are uncomfortable looking for real people to start with then look around the clubs and resort because there are people there to have sex with who aren’t actual people. In the love shacks you will also find bots to have sex with.

3D Sex has excellent graphics as you will see from the screen shots and it is an extremely polished adult MMO game with little to complain about it’s free to join so definitely worth taking a look at.

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3D Sex Review Overview

Value for money - 90%
Graphics - 95%
Sound - 95%
Repeat Play Value - 95%
Virtual World - 95%


One of the finest adult MMORPGs

3D Sex is an amazing virtual world adult MMORPG that will allow you to spend many happy hours with like minded adult gamers

User Rating: 4.53 ( 3 votes)

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