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3DXChat lingerie

3DXChat Lingerie

3DXChat lingerie forms part of the many clothing options that allow you to adorn your characters in 3DXChat.  Since Christmas there have been some fabulous new additions; sensual stockings and tights with some sexy stocking and suspender combinations being amongst my favourites.

3DXChat lingerie

As those of you, like me, who are already members, will know there are no shortage of updates to this great adult MMORPG. They appear nearly every month in the form of dance moves, objects, clothing or sex animations plus any software fixes etc.   The other additions of 3DXChat lingerie came in the form of 5 new styles of tights.

New 3DXChat lingerie

There were a few other little other additions this month too. The team at 3DXChat added some new objects for you to use to pretty up your apartments; this of course included things like a Christmas tree but also other items of furniture. If you like multi player sex games and are not already a member you can join 3DXChat now for $19.99 for a month; or for less than half that price per month if you join for a year and pay upfront.

3DXChat objects

Finally if you like cutting moves on the dance floor (or the pole dancing pole), they have added a couple of new new dance moves for your male and female characters  to the already awesome number that they have on offer.

3DXChat French Touch

It is worth mentioning that whatever your likes 3DXChat has you covered.  Whether you prefer virtual world adult MMO games or single player sex games then 3DXChat is for you; because, you can play it in single player mode and just add more of your own characters (or the default ones) in order to have virtual sex.  The benefit of joining 3DXChat is that when you are ready to progress to play with real people then you can move on to the next level.  The same is true if you just want to have virtual sex quickly without having to find a partner, as you can play in single player mode.

iStripper Jia stripping

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