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Bestvibe Review

Bestvibe Review

Bestvibe QR CodeBestvibe offers some of the widest selection of vibrators for him or her that I have seen. If you are looking for strokers with a difference then they are definitely worth a look.

Whilst I can’t guarantee this is the case for all orders, delivery to us was fast in the UK. assuming that they are in stock, and it was via Royal Mail. The packaging was plain and discreet, giving no hint of the contents inside.

On the Bestvibe.co.uk website, you will find pocket pussies, masturbation cups, cock rings, penis sleeves, penis pumps and much more for him.

For her you will find an equally large variation of vibrators, dildos and more besides. There are sex toys for couples too, and accessories such as water based lubes.

They have a selection of coupons on their site to allow you to make additional savings. There are also key worker savings and savings for students of 20% to make your money go further.

We looked at three products for you, a single hand sucking vibrating masturbation cup.  A thrusting and rotating masturbation cup, an a blowjob simulator. The reviews of these three products are shown below.

S-HAND Sucking Vibrating Masturbation Cup Review

Bestvibe S-Hand PostThis masturbating cup offers sucking and vibrating to get you off; you may or may not like this as much as a regular stroker such as Fleshlight.  There are essentially two features, the vibration mode, and the sucking mode. There is also a one button press to give you a little extra when all else is over.

The vibration mode offers nine levels/types of vibration. There is a one press button to maximise the intensity of vibration. The sucking mode has five different modes.

The inner sleeve is soft and comfortable and feels good, there is a little more space than some. We thought that whilst this definitely feels great, it seemed a little slow. This of course may be a good thing or a bad thing, that will depend on you personally.  Also, it was difficult to combine using this as a stroker at your own speed, alongside the automatic modes. It will probably be best to just take your time and use it automatically.

This is quite large, no larger than most strokers from other companies though. This is very easy to clean, simply remove the inner, carefully take out the vibrating unit, rinse and leave to dry. From a point of view of noise, you will hear it, although it isn’t loud. This isn’t a problem if you are using this with a partner, but might be if you are trying to use it with other people in the house that you would rather keep it secret from.

Overall though, this is a good sex toy for men to enjoy and we would rate this at 80%. To find out more and read other customer reviews of this product visit its Bestvibe product page.

Bestvibe Hand-free Thrusting Male Masturbator Cup Review

Bestvibe ThrusterThis is a very unusual male sex toy, unlike any we had seen before. It combines rotation with thrusting, and looks reminiscent of a piston. It has a silicone opening that is clipped on to the main unit. The feeling is pretty good, albeit a little unusual with the rotational sensation.

There are a good range of thrusting and rotation modes, 10 in fact. Some were better than others, but that will always be the way. The insert is a little short, and we thought this could feel a little uncomfortable on occasions. We liked the suction cup idea to go hands free but found it didn’t always stay securely located.

This male masturbator was pretty big, bigger than most we’d seen, and it was unusual with it being see through, although some may like that.  Cleaning was fairly simple, just remove the inner, you had to rotate it and pull as it was quite tight, so you’ll need to be careful. Re-inserting is a little more difficult to get it right to the bottom, there is an installation rod for this.

It was good to see that a little sachet of water based lube had been included in the package as it wasn’t with any of the others. The unit was a little on the noisy side, but not too off putting unless you are trying to be silent.

This was a well made male sex toy which is definitely a pleasure to use, although as previously stated, a little unusual.  Overall we would still rate this at around 80%, good, but could be better.  To find out more and read other customer reviews of this product visit its Bestvibe product page.

Bestvibe 2 IN 1 Electric Sucking Vibrating Masturbator Cup Review

Bestvibe SuckerOut of the three male masturbators we tried, this was the preferred one. This actually took you in deeper, and a little faster, plus the vibrations were good too.

The overall size of the unit was about standard. The insert felt nice, soft and realistic, as with most others, the opening was made to look like a vagina.

This masturbator gave five levels of suction and there were seven different vibrations.  Additionally, there were three speeds. As previously mentioned, this was the favourite of the above three, and also the cheapest. You can find out more on its product page at Bestvibe.

Construction was good as with the others, and cleaning was a breeze. Remove the inner, carefully take out the vibrating unit, rinse, then leave to dry. This seemed to be a little quieter than the other two sex toys. It was good that this is waterproof as you can have fun with it anywhere. Overall, we felt this was deserving of around 85%.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Sex toys are extremely varied, what one person likes, another won’t. This is true for female sex toys and male ones. Bestvibe is a large company with a great range of products. From our personal experience, dispatch was quick and discreet.

Don’t forget, the company caters for men and women, singles or couples. Additionally, there are discounts of 20% for key workers and students too.

Visit the Bestvibe Store

Bestvibe Review

Range of Sex Toys - 95%
Speed of Delivery - 95%
S-HAND Sucking Vibrating Masturbation Cup - 80%
Hand-free Thrusting Male Masturbator - 80%
2 IN 1 Electric Sucking Vibrating Masturbator Cup - 85%


Great Choice of Sex Toys for Men or Women

If you are looking for vibrators, dildos, masturbators or more then Bestvibe has a great choice.

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