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Angels and Demons Review

Angels and Demons Review

Angels and Demons is a PC game that is in effect a portal to view the images and videos that are included.  The game Angels and Demons was created by the designer of the visual novel Date Night. With the game are two animated movies totalling 12 minutes and 80 images.

The Private Detective is drawn to an old magic book whilst searching the old library for clues. Within the pages of the book are two choices to help her fulfil her desires; you help her choose, demonic pleasures, or heavenly ones.

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Thoughts About Angels and Demons

The graphic quality of the images and animations is very good, but as a game, I am not so sure.  The only gaming aspect is your Private Detective selecting who she wants to be fucked by. In addition of course, the game ties the images and movies together.

Once chosen, and after the appropriate images are displayed, one of the two movies will be played.  In the movies you will be seduced by and Angel or Demon, both are futanari. The quality of the animation is good, as are the graphics, however, there is no audio. Also I think it also would have been better to incorporate the cumshots into the animations rather than switching to images.

In my opinion the movies need some form of background noise and moaning or groaning; don’t get me wrong, the movies are quite erotic, but they need sex sounds. Full length futanari animations such as Sensual Adventures demonstrate this.

The included images are high quality, and the Private Detective is seriously sexy, especially for lovers of glasses wearers; it is no mistake I am sure that she resembles Scooby Doo’s Thelma.  The two animations are good but seem to flow a little less smoothly than some that I have seen.

If you like 3DX images and animations (or perhaps if you have a crush on Scooby Doo’s Thelma) then you will probably enjoy Angels and Demons.  As the images and movies are included separately you can view them without the gaming aspect; however, remember that the animations do not include the cumshots.

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Angels and Demons Review Overview

Graphics - 95%
Value for Money - 82%
Sound - 75%
Repeat Play Value - 82%


Good or Evil, the Choice is Yours

Will your Private Detective get herself fucked by a demonic futanari, or a heavenly one, you can decide for her.

User Rating: 4.6 ( 2 votes)

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