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VR Paradise Gentleman's Club

VR Paradise

iStripper VR Paradise QR CodeVR Paradise is a popular virtual reality game from the creators of the already insanely popular strip game, iStripper.  Unlike iStripper, VR Paradise is a 3DX virtual reality gentleman’s club, it supports several VR headsets, but not Google Cardboard; supported headsets are Oculus, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and Samsung Odyssey.

VR isn’t new to iStripper, they have been doing it for a while (over 20 years). If you would like to find out a little more, read the iStripper VR post; the post was written a few years ago and there have been an amazing number of additions since then.

Anyway, back to VR Paradise. The game has been popular with the Steam community for a while, but now it is a downloadable game. I can’t do you a review of it at the moment as I will need to get a compatible VR headset; currently I have only a mobile headset; however, I do have screenshots that I can add to the post so that you can see the overall quality of the characters and game environment.

More About the VR Paradise Game

VR Paradise is an adult 3D VR Strip Club game.  The purpose of the game is to use the latest VR technologies to provide you with a truly immersive experience. Take a look at the SFW video preview above to get an idea.

The game is set within a gentlemen’s strip club, and the strip shows are from professional strippers. You may ask yourself how that is possible, well it’s all done with clever 3DX conversion stuff. That’s about as technical as I can get with my level of knowledge; just as well they know what they are doing.

The VR Paradise game looks to offer a truly arousing experience that will mirror a gentleman’s club. Within the club you will see simultaneous shows on stage and table dances; if you want more explicit nude private dances, they are available on demand.

In addition to the club, you can customise the girls. Customisations  include the hair length, style and colour, also the colour of the skin and eyes. In addition, you can change the breast and bottom shape, and their outfits with accessories & tattoos.

Table top dances will last at least three minutes and private dances at least five minutes.  In addition to the standard club, girls and outfits, there are some cool additional game DLCs.

To find out more about compatibility with your Microsoft Windows PC visit VR Paradise.

Find Out More and Download the VRParadise Strip Game

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