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Ardor sex game review

Ardor Sex Game for Couples Review

Ardor is a sex card game created specifically for heterosexual couples in all stages of relationships, new to old; providing of course that a fulfilling sex life is important to both partners.

As we all know, sometimes the sex in a relationship kind of loses the passion, experimentation and frequency that existed when the relationship was young and fresh.  The goal of the Ardor sex game is to rekindle the passion and add inspiration for both those couples just starting out and those who have become a little more complacent and less adventurous about sex.

If you or your partner are a little shy about playing a sex game with each other then why not warm up with a little erotica so that your inhibitions are loosened a bit; try X-Art for quality erotica as it is well suited for couples to watch together.  Just don’t watch it for too long otherwise you may not get past the first hand of cards!

So, where to start.  Well, Ardor arrived at my door nicely packaged in a plain box so that the courier had no clue of the contents.

Before you start playing make sure that you have a time and location where you won’t be disturbed for a few hours, a warm house and an open mind.  If you have any sex toys or accessories that you might like to use throughout the game then have them easily to hand.

Make sure you take some time to read the Ardor rules as the one thing I would say is that it took us a while to get our heads around how to play.  It is not a difficult game, just different if, like me, you are more familiar with adult games for the PC or MAC. If you would like a sex game that you can play as a couple (or group) on your computer, read our Sex Party review.

Do a trial run through the rules and keep them to hand as you play the first game and you will soon be familiar with the game play.

Ardor is basically a set of high quality very large cards broken down in to eight suits; Truth or Dare, Foreplay, Sex, Take a Shot, Take Item Off, Lick, Accessory and Toy.  Some of the cards (30 in total) have EXP on, making a total of 30 EXP available.  The EXP is important as it is how part one of the game is won.

In addition to the suits there are special power cards which are Refuse, I’ll do it and Pass to Partner.  These special power cards are bought with the EXP you win (more below).

The Ardor sex game is played in two halves, the first part being “Win your Fantasy”.  In the first part you win as many cards as possible by matching cards suits or EXP to win “Tricks” of 2 to 10 cards. There are also Ardor cards which can be used to match any suit or EXP if you don’t have a card of that type.

Essentially you want to win as many tricks as possible because the winner of part one is the person with the most EXP once the deck of cards is exhausted.

Once the “Win your Fantasy” part of the game is complete it is time for the real fun to start.  “Live your Fantasy” is part two, here the winner chooses three piles of five cards for each of Truth or Dare, Foreplay or Sex.  They can also choose any enhancements (toys etc) that they have won and this is where the fun starts.

The three piles are played in the order of Truth or Dare, Foreplay then Sex the idea being that you finally cum when using the last of the sex cards, in reality It is likely that you may not make it that far before you cum!

The beauty of the Ardor sex game is that it builds you up gradually until you are so horny you could (and probably will) pop!   It is quite possible that you may not make it past the foreplay because by the time you get to it you will already be horny as hell.

Ardor is definitely a game worth packing in your suitcase when travelling with your partner for a holiday or a weekend away as it is small enough to travel well.  To make the most out of Ardor you may need to play it a few times to fully appreciate the rules and decide if you can play strategically but where is the problem with that!

Ardor will be sure to add excitement in to new or old relationships, and as a couple you will find that you will try new things together to spice up your love life and rekindle the spark.

The great thing about the Ardor sex game is that whoever wins part one, you are both winners in part two!

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Ardor Review Overview

Quality of Game - 95%
Ease of Use - 90%
Replay Value - 95%
Value for Money - 85%


The Best Sex Game for Couples Yet

The Ardor sex game will be sure to relight the fire in relationships where the passion is less evident, and to add excitement to relationships where couples want to experiment with new things.

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