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Sex Party game for adult gamers

Sex Party Review

Sex Party is a highly configurable and flexible adult game allowing you to play it the way you want to.  This is one of the best sex party games that I have found for you to play on the PC.  With Sex Party you and up to 7 other adults can have your very  own sex party; perfect if you are into swinging or just very close!

Whatever your sexuality this sex game can get your adult party off with a bang.  Heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian couples or singles are all catered for. You need to be happy to have the other players watch you and your partner getting it on together; however don’t let this put you off. If you are all happy to play without the voyeurism you could just elect to perform the dares and tasks in privacy.

Sex party is and adult sex game for between 2 and 8 adult gamers; but it can still be fun even if you are playing on your own, so long as you have a good imagination!

This adult game is loosely similar in design to Monopoly. You have to buy properties, if the other players land on your property then you are in for money and sex … woo hoo.  Don’t expect to be wowed by amazing graphics and snazzy effects, Sex Party is an adult game that is all about fun, not a fancy interface.  The interface reminds me of games from early windows versions. Don’t be put off by this because what it loses in design style it makes up for in playability and adult fun.

Getting going is easy, enter each player’s name and then set their sexual preferences including what game piece they will use (no you don’t get a dog, a boat or a car).  You can say what clothes they are wearing (for the purpose of removing them during the game), what their sexual orientation is and set up any fetish choices.

Once all the players have been set up then you can complete the game options, this allows you to say who is coupled with who, tick which toys and accessories

Once your players have been set up, you can set the game options, these include couples set up where you can say who are partners. Next you can place a tick against any of the sex toys and accessories that you have. There are some other settings to play with before you are ready to go.

Sex Party will definitely get all the players excited, it’s easy to play and 100% adult fun.  Roll the virtual dice, buy property and perform sexual tasks or activities with one or more players.  You control the speed and explicitness plus several other options, and you can even save games to finish later.

One bit I really liked which helps speed a game along is the ability to enable  the test buttons on the board. When they are enabled, you can make the Sex Party game pretend that a player has landed on a specific square this then displays the associated sex event.  If you like adult party games then why not take a look and download the free demo.

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Sex Party Review Overview

Value for money - 85%
Graphics - 80%
Sound - 75%
Playability - 90%


The ultimate sex party game

One of the best sex party game around. Host an adult party for up to 8 players; play as a couple or why not try it by yourself using your imagination.

User Rating: 3.88 ( 2 votes)

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