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Sexual Pursuits Review

Sexual Pursuits Review

Sexual Pursuits is a sex game designed to help you and your partner enjoy an exciting sex life.  The review version has had an interface overhaul and some additional functionality added which makes this even better than before.

In my opinion this sex game can still be also enjoyed if you have no partner but a good imagination; so don’t be put off if you are single.

The opening screen now adds some useful fast access to an “info center” where you can access other game information; also it provides fast access to the “Maintenance” window to allow the addition and changing of game activities etc.

When you start Sexual Pursuits you will be able to set up the players name, clothing and fetish choices; the woman first then the man. This consists of simple check boxes so you can include or exclude clothing or items. This version the Sexual Pursuits adult game has more clothing choices and the appearance of the screens is slicker; the graphics and the overall look and feel is now better.

You can set up an Avatar for each player; also, you can add your own photos instead of the included ones if you prefer.

After the players have been configured, you can set the game options; again this is all based around checkboxes which is quick and simple to do.  You are also able to select the sex toys you possess such as vibrator, penis extension etc.

Set the speed at which the sex game starts and runs, also the trivia difficulty; frequency of drinking, frequency of surprises and explicitness level can also be set.  This helps you to get the evening going quickly if you are horny and time is of the essence; or slowly if you want to take your time and make the sex game last all night.

The Sexual Pursuits game has  other choices too which determine what you want to see within it; for example random sex favours and random striptease are just a couple of the selections on offer. Once you have configured the options to your satisfaction start Sexual Pursuits by clicking the “Play Game” button.

The main screen shows statistics of the current game for him and her. This includes amount of alcohol consumed, favours conceded, activities performed etc; also it shows the clothes that each player is left wearing.

You must click the button at the bottom of the screen to start that players turn. The gameplay is simple, you will be offered sex tasks, activities, trivia etc which must be performed in order to win the points. If you do not perform them or answer the trivia wrong you lose the points; simple yet very addictive especially as by now you will be horny as hell.

At the end of each players turn they get to use their points on a selection of things including buying or selling clothes and performing spells; the favour mania spells give you an unfair amount of sexual favours, or a number of other things.

Sex activities may be added to or edited.  This  gives you the option to get the sex to suit your particular fantasies and secret desires. The editor is easy to use, and accessible from the main menu. If you want to edit the current activity you can do so from the activity itself. Activities can be set as favourite or set to favour any of your own activities over those supplied with the game.

Take one example activity “Masturbate your opponent’s manhood for five minutes. If you can make him come then you win the points”.  If you wanted to change “manhood” to “cock” you could do this simply by clicking the edit button retyping the text and clicking “Change”.

You can also add or change the trivia from the main menu so go wild and have some fun. The game continues for as many rounds as you wish;  you can have a quickie before tea (or during if you like) or a whole night of horny sex, the choice is yours.

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Sexual Pursuits Review Overview

Value for Money
Repeat Play Value

A highly erotic game for couples

You will definitely not be disappointed with Sexual Pursuits. It is sexy, exciting and will almost certainly have you throbbing in all the right places within minutes of starting the game.

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