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Ardor Bending Time Review

Ardor Bending Time is the new version of the innovative Ardor sex game, a game created for couples. The game is a boxed card game and is still primarily for heterosexual couples at all stages of a relationship; however it now also includes a multiplayer mode for three or four people.

We all need help to keep the passion alive, especially for long term relationships.  I like to think that the “Bending Time” refers to taking your sexual relationship back to the beginning; a time when excitement and experimentation is often at its peak.

Read the original Ardor review to see the first game; the main differences between the games are highlighted below.

Differences Between Versions

The new version of the game has some additions, some omissions and some design changes; also the rules have been changed in places to simplify them.  Below is a brief overview of some of the changes between Ardor Bending Time and the original game; however if you have never played the original then it won’t really matter:

  • Cards:

    The cards are now smaller, about the size of Tarot cards; they look better than the original ones. They now have rounded corners and have been printed on different card; actually, they feel much nicer and are easier to shuffle too.  They are still larger than playing cards, but more manageable; the designs on the cards are still high quality, and the size of the cards drawer attention to this.

  • Suit Changes:

    Some of the original suits have been removed and some new ones have been added. The Take a Shot cards and the Lick cards seem to have been removed; as have the I’ll Do it, Pass to Partner and Refuse cards.  The Truth & Dare cards are now simply Dare; Toy and Accessory cards are now combined to form Enhancement cards. A new suit has been added which is Time Stopper.

  • Improved gameplay:

    The game overall should now be a little easier to play as some of the complexity has been removed. Although the basic rules of following the suit and the point type still exist they have been improved and simplified; although easier, they do still take a little rereading though to make sure you understand them.

  • Activities and Sex Positions:

    The game’s creator tells me that around 70% of the activities have been changed; they now include spanking and a bit of ass play.  The 30 sex positions from the original game are still there however they have added five more.

  • Ardor Game Concept:

    The focus in Ardor Bending Time is on making sex slow; enjoy the game and all the activities without rushing to orgasm … good luck with that! Also there are four game modes starting at easy and moving to complex; thus giving you the choice to play in a way that suits your needs.

The overall game looks to be a much higher quality, and it was good before.  The new box is sturdier and easy to open and the cards and rules fit better within it; all this makes it feel as if you are getting better value for money.

It still arrives at your door in plain packaging; so you don’t have to be worried about receiving strange looks or winks from the delivery driver.

Setting the Scene For Ardor Bending Time

Before you think about starting the game make sure that you won’t be disturbed; whether at home or away you won’t want to be disrupted when the game is in full swing.  Maybe chill some drinks and get some “playful” foods in. Also make sure that the house is warm enough to be naked in and that the curtains are shut; unless you live in the country or want to seriously surprise your neighbours!

Only play Ardor Bending Time when you are both in the mood for fun; no badgering or begging to get a partner to play, otherwise you won’t get the most from the game; well maybe a little begging, especially if you think they will change their mind when playing.

Make sure that you have nothing else scheduled for several hours as the game can take a while; but trust me, that’s definitely a good thing. When the environment is set, you are ready to start playing.

Playing Ardor Bending Time

Ardor Bending Time is a game of two parts; the first part is to win the five card tricks, the second part is to benefit from them.  There are six suits in the new version of the game; Dare, Foreplay, Sex, Enhancement, Item Off and Ardor.  In addition, you will see that some of the cards have point ranks; the point rank are pictorial symbols for lightning, hearts, diamonds and yin-yang.

The idea is basically to take the trick by matching either the suit, or the point rank (a bit like trumps).  The cool thing in Ardor Bending Time is that even in part one of the game you can get it on. There are micro moment symbols on some cards, these convert a card to a wild card but only if the task on the card is performed!

I would advise a run through with a cut down version of the pack; particularly for part one; once you have a feel for it you can then play it for real anytime you want. It also maybe worth reading through the cards; there may be activities that you or your partner don’t like, if so just remove them from the pack before you start playing.

Right, so you have played part one, enjoyed a few micro moments and added up your points.  The one with the most points (21 or above) wins the Ardor Prize card, which gives the power of spontaneity; basically that means that the owner of the card can ask for a sexual favour of their choice; if the favour is performed then the card is handed over to the new owner  … and so it goes on; however that’s in the future.

Moving on to Part Two

Once you have played part one you can move onto part two, this is where the fun really starts; trust me you’re going to really love this bit.

The only cards used for part two are those cards won in part one. From these cards you need to make six piles; Dare, Foreplay, Sex, Enhancement, Ardor and Time Stopper.

The winner gets to choose the cards and create three separate decks; Dare, Foreplay and Sex (don’t let the loser of part one see them).  There is other stuff to do that you can find out for yourself; however, essentially the purpose is to play out the activities in the order of Dare, Foreplay and then Sex.

Once all cards are used up the game is over, so try to last, climax on the last position; sounds easy, trust me you may not reach the end before the climax. If this happens, why not take a breather and keep going … I know, it’s a hard life! Who said gaming can’t be fun … even if you lose, you win!

Play Ardor Bending Time Your Way

There are four possible ways of playing the game included in the manual; however there are multiple other ways, it just takes imagination.  With all the cards in the box you have the perfect tools to make it your own; play it your way to match your time constraints or desires.

If you are short of time and you just fancy a quickie, just pick a card; use the foreplay and sex decks, but just pick one from each. Next make it part of the fun to remove each others clothing, then perform the activity, first the Foreplay, then the Sex; adjust the number of cards to suit your timescale and desires.

There are many other possibilities too, just play around with what you have; the activities on the cards make it easy to do.  For example, you could take various cards and both partners can separately hide them around the house (or elsewhere); go on the hunt, when you find one perform the activity on the card, but in the location you found it.

Why Ardor Bending Time?

There really aren’t any card games quite like Ardor Bending Time;  it is perfect for bringing couples closer together.  If you are a couple newly in love, it will only add to the excitement you are already experiencing. If you have been together a lot of years, it could help rekindle the missing spark. And, if you are a sex loving couple out of new ideas, then it might be the missing ingredient that you need.

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Ardor Bending Time Review Overview

Quality of Game - 97%
Ease of Use - 92%
Replay Value - 100%
Value for Money - 90%


An Amazing Sex Game For Lovers

You will be unlikely to find another game like Ardor Bending Time; it is fun and exciting to prepare for and to play ... it will make you horny as hell.

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User Rating: 4.65 ( 4 votes)

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