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Bartender David review

Bartender David Review

Bartender David from Pocket Date Boy was the fourth edition of their gay adult games range. Bartender David was an erotic gay game that would appeal to gay men, or those who are bi curious. It wass better than earlier versions and was very playable. However, the company has now gone. The best alternative I can suggest is 3D GayVilla.

There was not a significant change in game style and playability between Bartender David and Martial Arts Fighter Ryuu; this is not a bad thing however as Martial Arts Fighter Ryuu was a pretty amazing game. A seemingly small addition to Bartender David is the ability to enter your name when you start playing the game; however this makes it much more personal whilst playing.

Third base of this game is pretty cool as you get a collection of real hardcore animations; these include anal sex, blowjobs and handjobs. Overall, the lighting within the game’s environment seemed a little subdued, but the graphics are awesome.

To move between the bases you are shown a cocktail book; this will be require that you use your memory. You will need to memorise a list of what is needed for the cocktails; then you can correctly identify the glasses, bottles and ingredients required to make the various drinks.

Moving from second to third base you will talk to guys at the bar whilst successfully making cocktails, do a good job and they will tip you, if the tip is high enough you may well get some extra bonuses along the way. The bonuses are required to unlock the second and third levels of third base.

At third base there will be various forms of sex that you can have with Bartender David, this will depend upon the level that you are in. Speed is controlled by clicking on the icons 1 through 3 where 1 is the slowest and 3 the fastest. You need to fill up the hearts in order to open more scenes, and when they are all full you can select to orgasm. Once complete you will get the chance to replay the game from an unlocked level or close it.

You can watch the scenes for as long as you want leaving your hands free for something else. You can replay any of the scenes as much as you like and only need to click orgasm when you are ready to!

Like all versions of the game, you are able to play in full screen mode or windowed mode and the escape key acts as a boss key to quit the game immediately should somebody intrude upon your alone time.

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Bartender David Review Overview

Graphics - 95%
Value for Money - 92%
Sound - 87%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


The Hottest Bartender Around

Bartender David will put you through your paces until you put him through his. Quality sexual animations and gameplay

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