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3DXChat Review

3DXChat Review – Updated

3DXChat is an adult MMORPG that is one of the best that you will find.  It is not the only adult MMORPG available but it is one of the most advanced at the moment. With support for vStroker , Lovense and Occulus Rift you can enter an online world of multiplayer virtual reality.

It has outstanding graphics, a large 3DX community and it is an interesting and exquisite virtual world; it is certainly one of the ones that you should check out if you are looking for an adult MMO.

3DXChat caters for everyone, whether gay, lesbian, transsexual or straight this is an ideal adult game. It offers the perfect environment for adult social networking; you will be able to socialise, party and get it on with other people using your own unique online persona.

A really nice feature of  3DXChat is the ability to set up three different characters;  you could set up one as yourself, and others to help you explore your sexuality; gay or lesbian for example.  This is the beauty of an adult MMORPG; you can be who you want to be because you are not planning to meet any of the people in real life.  If you are planning to use it for adult social networking  I would always suggest using a character that is true to your gender and personality.

Getting Started With 3DXChat

If you are not comfortable at first with getting to meet people, then use it in single player mode; this is a good way of getting used to the features of 3DXChat. In single player mode you can explore your environment or stand around masturbating; you can even partner your own characters or add one of the default ones for gay, lesbian or straight sex.  You can choose from loads of sex positions and it is a great way to get off when you are feeling horny; especially if you don’t want to spend time looking for interactions with other members.

3DXChat gives you your very own virtual world; you can make this as big as you want using the world editor. The world editor allows you to add a plethora of things to your world, you can do almost anything, the sky’s the limit; you can also add 3DXChat vehicles.  Once that is complete all that is left to do then is to decide whether you want your virtual world to be open to all, just for friends, or open for groups.

There are several locations already within the 3DXChat adult MMO where you can go to to socialise; these include Beach, Saloon, Fresco Club, Love Island, a yacht, Sin Club, the Night Club or the Beach. From time to time new locations are added, but the power is the multitude of shared virtual worlds.  Do visit the user rooms to look around, chat or participate in sex with willing parties.

What is an Adult MMORPG

An Adult MMORPG is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game but for adults; so parties, virtual sex and socialising with other like minded adults is the order of the day.

Remember that this is an adult MMORPG; unless you are alone in your own virtual world, with one of the default characters, you will be dealing with real people who have a 3DXChat persona, always be respectful, and honest, it’s good manners.

Not everybody roaming round within the 3DXChat environment will want to be having sex all the time; they may be just chilling on the beach or dancing the night away. As with real life it may be a good idea to get to know them, and then get around to the sex; if you like somebody, add them to your friends list and come back often to socialise.

If you are looking for sex however, you won’t be alone; there will always be people there just for the virtual sex, so you will undoubtedly be able to find a willing partner. If not, there are always the default characters and your other characters.

3DXChat Updates

The one great thing about 3DXChat is that they are never standing still. The game is regularly updated with new accessories and clothing; new sex positions are also added regularly. The features of both the world editor and the main environment are often added to or amended too.  Graphics have improved massively from the early days, and they were already good then!

I regularly do posts about the new additions within 3DXChat; so just keep your eye on the Adult Games News site for new posts or search the site using the search box.

So, to sum up, 3DXChat is more than just an adult game; it’s a social environment for adults who want to meet online, play and have fun, both sexually and otherwise.  The beauty of an adult MMORPG like 3DXChat is that it enables you to experience things that you wouldn’t experience in real life; you can form an online persona of the person that you would like to be.  It also enables you to experiment; perhaps you always wanted to try getting it on with somebody of the same sex, well now you can. You can read about some of the more recent additions in our 3DXChat post.

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3DXChat Review Overview

Graphics - 100%
Value for money - 100%
Sound - 100%
Repeat Play Value - 100%
Virtual World - 100%


The best adult MMORPG around

3DXChat is one of the most advanced and adaptable adult MMO games around. Quality graphics unique features and willing members, plus the ability to have sex if there are no members around make this one to try.

User Rating: 2.24 ( 21 votes)

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