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Get the BoneTown Golden Bong

BoneTown Hint – Get the Golden Bong From Guru Paramanda Nogahosomie

BoneTown is the best adult game out there for fun loving adult gamers; read the BoneTown review. Are you are new to playing BoneTown or are just stuck? If so then at some point you are going to want to find a way to get the Golden Bong; to do this you’ll have to beat the pipe boss in down town BoneTown (Guru Paramanda Nogahosomie).

I wrote this hint a few years ago now but I found it up when tidying my hard drive; I thought that BoneTown fans might like to read it as it took me ages to work it out.

Beating the pipe boss and getting the golden bong is extremely satisfying as it is a hard nut to crack.  Below are screen shots which show you how to do this in the easiest way I could find.

First things first though, before you try this out for yourself, make sure that you save your game.

Firstly you need to make sure that you have got all the pipes from previous pipe bosses. This is fairly essential as to beat the pipe boss in down town BoneTown and get the golden bong, you will need to jump higher than the building. In addition you will also need to have the Crack Rush from Satan (the Mushroom Marsh Power Boss); if not, you will need to get it before you continue.

From the bench that leads to Nobbing Hill walk up the first main street on the right towards the pipe boss icon on the map. When you get to the building with the fountain in front turn and face it. Go to the right of the fountains until you reach the tiered brick walls behind with the parasols at the top jump up to the building behind (1st ledge) and walk around so you have your back to the other building.

Stand in front of the first set of ledges and jump to the highest you can reach; there was one after this. For those who don’t use this technique already step back as close to the edge as possible facing the window (use the S key for this) press E to take the weed, S to step back off the ledge, Spacebar to jump and W to move forward onto the next ledge.

Turn and face the building opposite then move forward to the edge, this next bit may take some practice (it did for me) smoke your weed using E then move the selection down to the crack press W to move forward Spacebar to jump, then at the top of the jump press Shift + Left Click to give yourself the Crack Rush to get to the next building.

Look left and there is a higher building (this is where the down town BoneTown pipe boss is). Move to the left corner of your building and follow the previous steps to Crack Rush to the next building. Try to keep him away from the edge of the building as if he hits you your weapon may go over the side. After beating him pick up the Golden Bong and you get 60 units of weed.

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