Thursday , March 30 2023

Insane 3D

Insane 3D is a fantasy site featuring 3D images, adult cartoons, adult comics, adult games and more.  The creators of the site often create images that have been used in the excellent 3DXChat MMOVSG.

Insane 3D is one of five sites main sites from the same creators that cater to your particular fantasies and likes.  I haven’t joined any of them so you should take a look for yourself to see what you think.

Firstly Insane 3D, at the moment it is divided into 15 fantasy categories; these include things such as celebrities, horror, games, apocalypse, shemales etc.  When you first visit the site you can view a promotional video and take the tour; both look pretty good so if you love 3D fantasy porn you should love Insane 3d.

As part of the Insane 3D membership it would appear that you have access to animations as well as stills. In the tour, you can read a bit about each category so you can decide if you’ll like it or not.

Xeno 3DX is another site that I found from the same creators it is a movie tube site.  If you like fantasy sex between monsters and fantasy characters with sexy 3DX women it is worth a look.  There would appear to be a large number of movies ranging upwards of 4 or 5 minutes; also, you can join for 2 days for a small micro payment.

3DX Tube would appear to be similar to Xeno 3DX except the movies seem more focused on 3D sex between people and less with monsters.   The still of the clips they show on the home pages look pretty cool; and better still you can get a 7 day free trial.

The remaining two membership sites are Horny Pencil and Femdom 3D.  At Horny Pencil you will find your favourite super heroes and celebrities have been turned into shemales; also favourite game heroines and movie characters are now shemales!  If you like shemales, read our review on Girlfriends 4 Ever, you will love this full length animation.

Femdom 3D is for all lovers of female domination it would appear as if you get 3D stills and animations.  You should find it to be quite good value because when you join you also get free access to Insane 3D, Xeno 3DX and 3DX Tube.

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