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Five Top Adult Games

Five Top Adult Games

These days it is harder to identify the top adult games because there are more to choose from.  Computers have got faster, technology has advanced and graphics are far superior; however, there are still some that stand tall.

Virtual Reality has been making it’s way into adult games with VR glasses and masturbation devices; now sex really has become virtual.

You are now able to stimulate your senses in more ways than ever. Many start up companies are raising capital via services like Patreon, opening the doors to innovative new adult games.

We are still only scratching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sex games though; I am sure that some form of sexbot will eventually appear as a commonplace accessory and who knows what else.

When it comes to adult gamers there will always be differences of opinion as to what are the best games; this is no different to anything else in life.

I have been writing about adult games for over 10 years now and below you will find five of my favourites; if you haven’t seen them before then take a further look at those that appeal to you.  The five top adult games below are not ranked in any order; they are in fact probably each the top of their own type of game.  I chose five of my favourites that are quite different to each other to give you more choice.

3D SexVilla 2

Visit 3D SexVilla

Five top adult games - 3D Sex Villa 2

It’s not difficult to see why 3D SexVilla 2 has been one of the top adult games for so many adult gamers for so long.   To start with 3D SexVilla is free to download which enables you to try it risk free; you will have to pay to enable the hardcore version but you can get a feel for it before you do that.

To get the most from the game you will need to buy XCoins as these are used to enable the hardcore version and to buy a multitude of things from the sex shop.  3D SexVilla has around 50 different locations for you to have sex in, so most fantasies are catered for; also, new locations and other things for you to make your characters unique are being added all the time.

You can play with up to four characters, this is the only sex game I know of that allows you to play as a foursome. The graphics are still fantastic, and even better since the 3D SexVilla 2.5 HD graphics update.


Visit 3DXChat

Five top adult games - 3DXChat

3DXChat is my favourite adult MMORPG and was one of my top adult games from day one.  You may or may not be a lover of multiplayer sex games, but 3DXChat is hard not to love.  If you ever fancied trying 3D virtual sex, this would be a good place to start.  You get to roam freely around your adult virtual world as one of the three characters you can set up;  male or female, the choice is yours.

Thanks to the the 3DXChat world editor, you can easily create extensive virtual worlds to use as your own space or share with others.  You can even add fully scalable 3DXChat vehicles such as boats, planes, cars and motorcycles to your virtual worlds.

The graphics in 3DXChat are out of this world and the sex animations are awesome.  You can meet people in fabulous locations for sex in all manner of ways.  If you would prefer then you can just meet up with people to socialise with online. Or, if you are not ready for multiplayer then you can play in single player mode with your own characters or the default game characters.

You can play 3DXChat for as less than $8 per month if you join for a year or you can join for 1 month for around $20 per month. Joining for 6 months also offers you a good reduction on the monthly cost.  You can also have all of the virtual sex games from Sex Game Devil including 3DXChat for under $30 per month.

iStripper Jia stripping


Visit BoneTown

Five top adult games - BoneTown

BoneTown is my favourite all time adult game and has been one of my top adult games for years.  Many an hour has been passed gathering drugs, drinking alcohol, fighting and fucking; it’s what BoneTown is all about.

Unlike the previous two games, BoneTown is a tongue in cheek adult video game; it is politically incorrect, its humour is almost exclusively bad taste … and I love it.

The great thing about BoneTown is that the sex is there to help you play the game, unlike the others where the sex is the focus of the game.  In BoneTown you have to work your way through several neighbourhoods completing missions.   To complete these missions you need big balls which you can get by stealing the identity of people with bigger balls than you.  Also you need drugs, alcohol and money which you get by fighting people and winning; also you need sex to boost your energy and refill your balls.

You collect things whilst you are going round, find weapons and you have to try to beat “The Man”;  BoneTown will keep you distracted for days.  If you want to find out more about the game, read our BoneTown review.

You can download BownTown here at a reduced cost or you can get a FREE 3 day trial


Visit iStripper

Five top adult games - iStripper

iStripper has been round since around 1997 and has grown and grown in quality and popularity.  iStripper is one of the top adult games of over 22 million users and it’s easy to see why.  It is the best stripper game bar none, in fairness, there really is nothing to compete with it … and, best of all it’s FREE.

You can download iStripper for FREE and gain access to the free strip shows from 1000s of the hottest women in the world.  You can have new girls delivered to your desktop free every day.  Make no mistake, the free shows are sexy and erotic and some will even include a little nudity.

If you like what you see with any of the girls, you can easily buy their full shows, the newest of which now come in 4K quality.

The girls will strip for you right there on your desktop so that when your work becomes tedious you can get them stripping in front of it; there’s even a quick escape to close them down if you get an unexpected visitor. If you want to get a little taster of iStripper and some of the girls first take a look at our iStripper video preview.


Visit Girlvania

Five top adult games - Girlvania

Girlvania is a relatively new game by comparison to the others, apart from 3DXChat, but if you love girl on girls action then you’ll love Girlvania.

You can get the FREE Girlvania download here and see it in action for yourself.  The quality of the graphics is outstanding and the girls are beautiful.  You can go solo, as a duo or even as a threesome and your locations are rooftop, beach house and basement.

Girlvania is very configurable and a nice feature is the split screen so that you can switch between multiple views of the action. Talking of the action, it is superb, the zoom will get you really close with no loss of quality.  Have the girls playing with themselves or get interactive and insert toys or use virtual hands.  Girlvania has got to be the best all girl sex game around and deserves it’s inclusion as one of  my five top adult games.

If you want to know more then read the Girlvania .2 review. It was not a full version upgrade, more a graphics enhancement, but it is pretty cool.

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