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Getting a blowjob in BoneTown

BoneTown Review

BoneTown is still the most enjoyable adult game that I have ever played despite being old school; it is also possibly one of the most controversial ones I have played too. If you thrive on your  political correctness then BoneTown will not be for you because politically correct it is not! It is filled with innuendo, warped humour, alcohol abuse, drug taking, fighting, bad behaviour and non stop sex; it is also so addictive that I doubt you’ll be able top stop playing.

BoneTown is an adult video game and adventure game; the emphasis is more of the game than the sex. If you are more into the interactive virtual sex games like 3D SexVilla then you might not enjoy this so much.  I like games that remind me of the old school ones and this definitely has elements of games such as Leisure Suit Larry and Street Fighter. The graphics are good, the sounds and music also add to the overall enjoyment of playing the game.  BoneTown has been around for several years now and in my opinion is still offers a great gaming experience; of course it depends on your taste.

Despite having been through to the end, I still revisit BoneTown regularly. I enjoy looking for missing items that I haven’t found yet and scoring better.

Playing the BoneTown Game

BoneTown is broken into neighbourhoods; there are many for you to find and explore, but finding them is the hard bit.

You have to find items, progress through levels, perform missions and avoid being taken out by “The Man”. If you fuck in the streets and he sees you then you’ll have a fight on your hands, and he’s hard to beat.

In BoneTown having the biggest balls is everything. The bigger your balls the more chance you have of winning fights and fucking pretty women.  You start off with tiny ones and can only fuck fat, ugly girls; however, beat people up and you can steal their identities, if they have bigger balls then you steal those too.  Fight everybody you can too as you will get their weapons, cash and drugs when you beat them.  Weapons could be anything from a bible to a baseball bat, so make sure that you look for all the items you can find.

Make sure that you save your game regularly, this is very important; it is very easy to lose a fight and once your energy runs out then that’s it.  You can boost your fighting energy up by getting blowjobs, and if you find that your balls are emptying then fuck somebody as this will fill them back up again.  You can fuck prostitutes too, but you will have to use some of your cash supply for that.

To allow your balls to grow, you need to perform missions, they aren’t easy but they are fun and it is so satisfying when you complete them.  You will need alcohol and drugs though to complete some of these because they give you special powers.  Search your environment for items you need, they are there, it’s just knowing where to look.

You are able to explore your massive environment and stroll around the many neighbourhoods of BoneTown, so make sure you do because you will be amazed at the things you can find lying around that will help you to gain points and progress through the game.  Big thumbs up to this one, you’ll love it and what’s more you have three ways of playing it, either as a monthly membership with a 3 day free trial, a one off instant download or as a DVD version of the game that will be mailed to you.

Also available from the same game authors is BoneCraft this is an amazing game for lovers of the BoneTown style with undertones of World of Warcraft but BoneTown still wins the crown in my book.

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BoneTown Review Overview

Value for money - 100%
Graphics - 100%
Sound - 100%
Playability - 100%


Possibly the best adult game created!

BoneTown takes some beating! As far as adult games go you can't go wrong, it has great graphics, is entertaining and celebrates it's bad taste. You fight, have sex, take drugs and get smashed and the worse you behave the better you'll do ... outstanding!

User Rating: 4.58 ( 3 votes)

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