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Juliet Sex Session review

Juliet Sex Session Review

Juliet Sex Session is a FREE virtual sex game from the creator of one of the the world’s best Adult MMORPGs, 3DXChat.  It’s an adult game created for 3DX game lovers wanting simplicity, eroticism, hardcore 3D sex and good graphics. Juliet Sex Session allows you to get straight to the sex you want without any complex tasks to perform.

Whether you want to be a voyeur or a willing participant Juliet Sex Session will have something for you. It can be played in different ways because it the ability to select the positions you want to have sex in.  You can masturbate whilst you watch her playing with her pussy in front of the mirror if you want to; alternatively you can take her from behind, in fact there are 21 different positions for you to choose from.

You used to have to pay for the pleasure of watching Juliet; now you can download Juliet Sex Session 3DX game for free, so you might as well take a look.

When Juliet Sex Session first starts you will be checking out Juliet in a public toilet as she masturbates; you get a voyeuristic view over the cubicle wall.  You don’t stay there long though before she moves in front of the mirror.

Apart from some adverts on the screen, it is pretty uncluttered, especially when viewing at a large screen size.  The idea of the game is to build up the level in the orgasm bar and then cum on Juliet.  You choose whether to cum on her feet, her face  or her pussy.    It is not difficult to build up to an orgasm, you just have to keep Juliet interested and excited; this is achieved by insuring you satisfy her by having sex with her in different positions.  Once you have selected what part you want to cum on click the cum button; keep clicking until you have splattered Juliet with your man jelly and your sack is empty.

In addition to all the sex positions you have to choose, you can select for her to wear certain clothes (or not wear them). You can also quickly adjust the size of her tits from small and humble to breast implant size.  There is even a setting to allow you to use your vStroker.

As previously mentioned the  graphics are very good, but if you zoom in too closely they will clash and degrade the scene a bit, this does not really cause a problem though and after all, this is a completely free sex game.

iStripper Jia stripping

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Juliet Sex Session Review Overview

Graphics - 85%
Value for money - 90%
Sound - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


One cool 3DX free sex game

Juliet Sex Session is a fantastic free sex game with cool graphics and an abundance of sexual positions to choose from.

User Rating: 3.67 ( 3 votes)

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