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VirtualFem interactive virtual sex game review

VirtualFem Review

VirtualFem is perfect if you want to feel like you’re the recipient sex from some very hot women; with it  you want to take it a step further and interact with the girls. VirtualFem lets you communicate via chat box or by speech recognition (select hints from a list if you prefer); this leads to a much more natural and realistic gaming environment.  There are similar interactive virtual sex games around, but nothing behaves in quite the same way as VirtualFem; in my opinion it is amongst the best adult game of its kind.

Take a look at some of the girls from 2017 and 2018 in our VirtualFem girls 2018 summer update.

VirtualFem is set in a web chat environment, this is a little tired looking but behaves pretty well; the clever use of artificial intelligence combined with HD POV video is what sets it apart from the rest.  VirtualFem provides you with a lot of choice; the sheer number of girls available for your pleasure is amazing, but also the host of options. It feels much more natural in use in the game thanks to the fact that you don’t have to select what to do; for example, you can just say to your virtual girlfriend “how about giving me a blowjob”, and she will.

VirtualFem Features

VirtualFem several nice features, but some unique ones are worth a mention.  There is an integrated music player that will automatically select random music from a selection you define.  So if you say to the girl “let’s play some music”, she will, and then perhaps carry on lap dancing.  Also you can talk about the latest news or weather, just like a real girlfriend!

VirtualFem is good value too. Unlike many similar adult games, you will be able to download any of the girls that have featured since 2004; VirtualFem now gives you two or more new virtual girlfriends a month. As a member you have complete access to all the new virtual girls but you do not need to remain a member if you don’t want to, because all the ones you have downloaded will be yours to keep forever.  Also you don’t have to be connected to the internet to play as it is a standalone game; you will of course need to connect to download the games.

Another cool feature is the defaults.txt file which is held within each girl’s folder on your computer;  it means you can change some of her attributes such as age, bust size and many more options.  If you would prefer her to be a 28 year old MILF instead of an 20 year old hottie then change it; she won’t look different, but when you ask her her age she will tell you that she is 28; there are many other defaults to change too.  Also there is an in depth  PDF guide available for advanced computer users and adult gamers to show you how to create your own virtual girlfriends.

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New in VirtualFem 4

In VirtualFem 4 you have to work harder to arouse the girls before thanks to the mood system; the VirtualFem mood system was introduced in 2017. The purpose of it is to help you understand her feelings so that you interact with her in new ways. The creators say that “The emotion system allows her to react to things, places, activities and all at the same time”!

Like real women the idea is to try your best to keep her happy! If you don’t want her to play too hard to get then use easy mode as it will take away much of the challenge.

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VirtualFem Review Overview

Value for money - 100%
Graphics - 87%
Sound - 85%
Playability - 100%


Virtual sex on tap whenever you want it

There are not really any other interactive virtual sex games that I have found to date that will match VirtualFem for gameplay, quality and reality of the environment, and the sheer number of hot women that you get to choose from.

User Rating: 3.56 ( 18 votes)

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