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3DXChat Vehicles

3DXChat Vehicles

3DXChat vehicles are just one addition to the absolutely awesome 3DXChat virtual world editor;  as part of your 3DXChat membership you will gain access to the editor for free. Read our post about the 3DXChat virtual world editor if you would like to know more about how it works.

I have been a member of 3DXChat for over three years; for the best part of that I play in my own virtual world rather than in multiplayer mode.  Until recently your private virtual world consisted of a single apartment; however, the virtual world editor changed that.  The default private virtual world is pretty cool but you can now create a whole lot more.

The virtual world editor will take a little getting used to but it is truly configurable.  The coolest additions to the editor are 3DXChat vehicles which you can add anywhere. Have a sports car parked outside your house, a plane overhead, a motorbike on the beach or a boat in the bay. Thanks to the new manual transform input window it is very easy to reposition objects perfectly; you can also scale the size down to fit them anywhere.

The 3DXChat vehicles just add to the customisation capabilities that you are able to make to your virtual world.  Other regular improvements include new materials to lay on walls, or floors, or even the ground; these materials include things like concrete, sand and lava.

Also, thanks to scalable lighting you can add lighting with your own choice colour and intensity; light up the ocean, the pool, the bed, rocks in fact anywhere you want some mood lighting or brightness.

I don’t know of any other adult MMORPG that gives you this sort of flexibility; you are able to invite other players to your adult virtual world or play in it with your own choice of characters. The graphics are unbeatable and the 3DXChat game is as good as they come.

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