Monday , April 22 2024
3dxchat 2.0 beta

3DXChat 2.0 Beta

3DXChat 2.0 beta is now out.  We have waited since April for the beta with bated breath, it looks pretty awesome.  To find out more about the game read our 3DXChat review.

3DXChat MMOVSG is already probably the best multiplayer virtual sex game around. Like me, many of you will have been playing it already so will just be waiting for the new version.

As if the game wasn’t good enough already, 3DXChat 2.0 beta will bring a host of improvements. Click the updates link from here to read full details and to download the 3DXChat 2.0 beta.  I have to be honest I didn’t understand all the tech speak  but effectively this already excellent game has become a bit more awesome.

Better graphics rendering to give a film like quality. Visual enhancements to things like reflections, bloom and depth of field. Support for DirectX 11 and future support for DirectX 12. Colour vibrancy presets for a brighter or colder adult virtual world, and improved performance.

Textures of materials and objects in locations will be better still and presets for the time of day will be included independently to the other players you are interacting with.  There are also heaps of improvements to clothing and the GUI for full details click here and select updates.

The 3DXChat 2.0 beta can be installed in a separate directory, and it runs on a separate server online.  Therefore, you can play both versions but still benefit from the free daily xgold whichever version you play on.

You can join 3DXChat for 1 month, 6 months or for a whole year at reducing rates.  If you join for a year it works out to under $8 per month.  Get the whole selection of virtual sex games including 3DXChat for under $30 per month.  See how good the new version of the 3DXChat game is by looking at the screen shots below.

Download the 3DXChat 2.0 beta when you become a member.

Close up action superb graphics
Smooth graphics even on close up
Multiplayer virtual sex at it's best

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