Wednesday , October 4 2023
3DXChat 2 Open Beta

3DXChat 2 Open Beta

The 3DXChat 2 open beta is now here.  If you haven’t tried the latest version of the game yet, simply use your existing account to log in to the beta and try it out.  If you haven’t heard about 3DXChat yet then read the 3DXChat Review

If you are not yet a member then you can join 3DXChat here and login to the new version.

Many of you will have been used to seeing regular updates to the game in the past; however the 3DXChat 2 open beta has taken precedence over the updates , but it’s worth it.

Take a look for yourself at the awesome new graphics and gameplay, it is way better now than it was before; and it was the best MMOVSG before.

In order to try the 3DXChat 2 open beta, sign up to 3DXChat (or launch the game if you are already a member). You will see a link under what’s new that says “Try 3DXChat 2.0”; click it and it’ll take you to the relevant place in the forum.

Below is a re-write of the list of some of the benefits so far as shown in the relevant section of the 3DXChat forum:

3DXChat 2.0 Graphics

  • There are new highly optimized next-generation physical based graphic rendered visuals, allowing you experience incredible beauty and film quality like effects.
  • Additional support for DirectX 11 with support for DirectX 12 in the future.  Although the game will run on older DirectX 9 adapters not all of the visuals will be available.
  • Updated more physical based post-effects like Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), Screen Space Real-Time Reflections, Bloom and Depth of Field.
  • Colour correction presets enabling you to further customise the look and feel of the game by controlling the vibrancy

3DXChat 2.0 Performance

  • Multi-Threaded CPU Rendering.
  • Asynchronous loading of Texture Data from the disk drive and enables time-sliced upload to the GPU on the Render-Thread. This reduces load time for texture GPU uploads on the main thread.
  • GPU Skinning (Available on DirectX 11/12 mode only)

3DXChat 2.0 Locations

  • The materials and textures of both locations and objects will be processed under the physically based rendering technique.
  • The new real time global illumination effect which is on all outdoor locations allows a visual change to the the time of day. Each player can customise the time of day without synchronising to the server. This means that you can have whatever settings you want independent of other players choices.
  • Available time of day presets are day, night, dawn, dusk and cloudy weather.
  • 3DXChat 2.0 open beta now also includes a new realistic water effect.
  • There has been a fix to the re-spawn of virtual partners and players in apartments.
  • There are new scenic views outside the windows of the apartments.

3DXChat 2.0 Clothes

  • As with the locations and objects, both materials and textures of clothing will use the physically based rendering technique.
  • The RGB color palette will be available for some types of existing clothing that didn’t have it before.

3DXChat 2.0 GUI

  • The character selection screen has a new user interface and now you can instantly move to any location.
  • Now you can disable and enable visual effects independently to each other. Also global presets of Low, Medium and High are available.
  • The clothes window also has a new user interface allowing the taking off or putting on of chosen clothes to be done in one click.
  • Adding virtual partners in apartments also benefits from a change to the user interface.
  • The deletion of virtual partners in the apartments has been fixed.
  • There is a Metallic Lips style shine and a skin shine setting in the character editor.
  • You can now enable and disable nameplates in the game settings (cool).

It is no secret to regular visitors to the Adult Games News site that 3DXChat is (despite stiff competition) my favourite adult MMO.  If you haven’t yet tried it it is definitely worth a look.

You can join 3DXChat for 1 month, 6 months or for a whole year the longer you join the better the rates.  Joining for a 12 months means that you pay less than $8 per month.  Also you can get  all of the virtual sex games from Sex Game Devil including 3DXChat for under $30 per month.

Join 3DXChat and download the 3DXChat 2 open beta

Awesome graphics in the 3DXChat 2 open beta
New lighting and textures aboard the 3DXChat 2.0 yacht
3DXChat 2.0 pussy eating

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