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3DXChat 3rd Birthday Party

3DXChat 3rd Birthday Party

Are you going to the 3DXChat 3rd birthday party? It’s that time of year, the time for parties and celebrations and now you can do it online too!  One of the biggest celebrations is planned to celebrate 3 years of 3DXChat; if you are a member you are free to come along and join in the fun.

If you who are wondering what 3DXChat is and why they are having a birthday party read the review; now I’ll tell you more.  3DXChat in my opinion is the best online adult virtual world game around.  The quality of the graphics is superb and the number of sex positions is huge (and grows most months); the customisation tools for both of the two apartments you are given and the three characters that you can set up are extensive; and the feature list is impressive and grows frequently.

The 3DXChat 3rd birthday party is organised for 8pm (GMT) on the 6th of December 2015; it will be a great night to meet with friends or with new people.  3DXChat is simple to join; if you are not already a member you can join 3DXChat now for $19.99 for a whole month or for less than $8 per month if you join for a year and pay upfront.

The 3DXChat 3rd birthday party will be a live mix performance from DJChilles, DJAsh, DJNixxx and DJKitty. You will also be able to come along and dance the night away; perhaps you can also join with some of the other members for a night of carnal pleasure.

So, don’t forget to be there to celebrate three fabulous years of 3DXChat and be present for the opening of a brand new location within the game. As a reminder, the time 8pm GMT, the place 3DXChat, the date 6th December 2015 don’t miss the fun.

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