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3DXChat Covid-19 Updates

3DXChat Covid-19 Updates

3DXChat Covid-19 updates are simply referring to all the updates since the Covid-19 lockdown; also there are some from the beginning of the year when it all started being reported.  This post will be a historical reminder of the difficult times so many countries worldwide have faced.

In these times of social distancing or social isolation, games like 3DXChat would seem an ideal choice.  You can get as close as you like to the characters online; you can dance, sing, chat and have sex, you don’t have to worry about masks or the two metre distance.

So what is included in this 3DXChat Covid-19 Updates post, what have these guys been up to.

50% Off 3DXChat Memberships

This was not the first update of the year, but is very significant. I don’t know how long there will be a 50% discount on 3DXChat memberships, but it is worth taking advantage of. The discount can reduce the monthly membership to less than $4 per month when joining for a year.

3DXChat Referral Program 2.0

If you want to gain more from your membership, you can use the revamped referral program.  If you enjoy 3DXChat, then you may want to share news of it with all your open minded friends. As a member, you will receive a unique referral code. Share this code via social media, your blog or even an advert to encourage others to join; if people join via your link, you will get a month free, they’ll get a 10% discount and 10,000 XGold.

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Sex Poses in the 3DXChat Covid-19 updates

The 3DXChat Covid-19 updates include many different things, but I imagine the sex poses are the most popular items. The variety of sex poses in 3DXChat always astounds me, especially at such high quality. With around 45 new sex poses and variations there is something for everyone, whatever your sexual preference.

There are new sex positions to try on the sofa, bed and pool, floor, chair and table; poses for sex against the wall, for eames and sunbeds, even new fetish and sports poses.  Whatever your mood, whomever your partner there will be something new to enjoy; foreplay, oral, threesomes, vaginal, anal and solo.

The ability for women to have dicks in 3DXChat is perfect if you want a transsexual character, or want to experiment. Although not 3DXChat, we have many Affect3D Reviews, so if you like girls with dicks, take a look. Returning to 3DXChat, the screenshots below are just some of the many new sex poses in the 3DXChat Covid-19 updates.

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3DXChat Customisations

There have been a host of additional customisations, these mainly include new tattoos and hairstyles; however, there are new collars, bras, panties, and stockings too.

In addition to the character customisations, you can customise your world too; new building blocks and materials plus tables for sex all help you make your world very unique.

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