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3DXChat Glory Holes

3DXChat Glory Holes

3DXChat glory holes have arrived to further enhance the available sex positions. Have you ever seen glory holes in an MMOVSG, it is definitely a first for me. Just recently I posted about 3DXChat 2.7, the 64 bit version, and now we already have several new content updates; in fact as I am writing this, I noticed that another content update has also been released.

It is undeniable that 3DXChat is one of the best adult virtual world games around; in fact I would say the best.  Quality graphics, the number of sex positions and, in addition, the ability to create your own virtual world set it apart.

Using 3DXChat Glory Holes

To use Glory holes you will have to define them in your custom virtual world using the 3DXChat World Editor; alternatively just visit a location that already uses them, the latter is the fastest way to enjoy them.

Using the 3DX glory holes is simple; find a willing partner online, or add a virtual partner to your own virtual world.  Once you have your partner click on the glory hole and select the sex position you want to use, it’s that easy.

You get four variations. As a couple, you can have your cock through the glory hole or your partners head.  As a single, you can stand there waiting for a partner with your cock through the glory hole; in addition you can have a threesome. With the latter, one kneels whilst being fucked from behind by another, their face is through the glory hole and they give head to the third.

3DXChat Glory holes can be used by most variations of partner, gay, lesbian, straight or transsexual.

Other New 3DXChat Poses

With recent updates there are also some additional new poses for you to enjoy. There are a number of foreplay poses for couples and threesomes, standing lovingly on the bed. Also some single poses for the bed for men kneeling this can be combined with a single sitting position for women; so, for all dominatrices, you can sit on the men. In addition there are some relaxing poses for when you are in the swimming pool.

The sex poses that were released yesterday for the bed seem to be enhancements for group sex combinations; three females using strapons or as transsexuals, or three males are catered for.  It would seem that the face when giving a blowjob has been enhanced to make a more realistic blowjob expression; I thought it was pretty realistic before!

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Other Changes in the 3DXChat updates

The other additions to the 3DXChat adult MMORPG relate to the world editor.  I can’t tell you specifically what items were added as I cannot remember all the ones that were there before; however, new materials have been added for you to customise your personal virtual worlds, also new spotlights and building blocks.

I can’t remember the exact number of years that I have been a member of 3DXChat, but in that time I’ve seen nothing but improvements; if you are currently a long term member you will know what I am talking about.

The 3DXChat developers are very progressive and it is hard for me how anyone could be disappointed with this top class MMOVSG. Click below to find out more or see how you could join for under £8 per month.

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