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3DXChat Halloween Party 2015

3DXChat Halloween Party 2015

Are you ready for the 3DXChat Halloween party 2015 (Night of Fear)? Every year 3DXChat has several online parties for it’s members to enjoy; New Year, Christmas, Halloween etc. They are a great place to get together online and socialise with people; also, after the party is over (or maybe in the middle of it), you can get together to generate some more heat with some of the best virtual sex that any adult MMORPG can offer.

The 3DXChat Halloween Party 2015 is the third that the 3DXChat team have organised and this one is set to be something special; so if you are not already a member you can join 3DXChat now for $19.99 for a whole month or for as little as $7.66 per month if you join for a year.

This year the party gets going with DJ Ash and DJ Chilles; also the Magic Pumpkins are returning to the night club to help you party the night away … so, be there or be square! For drinks and fun the Fine Young Bartenders will be looking after your needs; and, for the very first time the 3DXChat Halloween party 2015 will be bringing you a Halloween costume contest.

To take part in the contest you will need to become a member of 3DXChat. Once a member, post an original (no photoshop) selfie of your virtual self in the 3DXForum preceded by the mention “contest submission”. Full rules can be found on the forum.

There are three prizes voted for by five judges. The prizes are XGold (the virtual currency for 3DXChat); first prize is 10,000 XGold, second prize is 7,000 XGold and third prize is 5,000 XGold. The costume contest will be held between 0:00 am and 01:00 am (GMT) on the 1st of November; the party starts at 11:00 pm (GMT) on the 31st of October so don’t be late. In fact get there early just to be sure that you don’t miss anything.

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3DXChat Halloween Party 2015 - Night of Fear

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