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3DXChat and Lovense

3DXChat and Lovense

3DXChat and Lovense allows long distance sexual interaction using sex toys and has been proving popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to teledildonics Lovense allows you to control a partners sex toy anywhere, and it also reacts to movement; they move their sex toy one way and yours will move the other.

I was reading about the latest 3DXChat updates when I discovered details of the partnership between Lovense and 3DXChat;  the benefits of teledildonics can therefore now be enjoyed by sex gamers around the globe.

Teledildonics and 3DXChat

3DXChat is my favourite MMOVSG, the quality of the game is astounding; it has always been extremely innovative; you can read the 3DXChat Review for more information on 3DXChat.  The partnership between 3DXChat and Lovense extends this to include long distance sexual interactions.

In 3DXChat you can play alone, or interact in real-time with other adults playing the game round the world; now, thanks to Lovense, you can further enhance this interaction.

By combining your Lovense sex toys with your 3DXChat gameplay you can have a truly interactive virtual sex experience. The Covid-19 pandemic has made our individual social interactions much more limited; however, Lovense enables you to interact sexually with other people from the safety of your own home.

With the use of 3DXChat you’ll be able to enjoy virtual sex with loved ones or strangers using VR and teledildonics.

3DXChat and Lovense

More Than 3DXChat and Lovense

I might as well discuss the other changes to 3DXChat as there have been a lot of updates in May. In addition to 3DXChat and Lovense, there have been a cornucopia of new sex poses. Whether you like sex in bed in the cage, against a wall, on a chair, sofa, or even a table, there is something new.

As well as the sex poses, there have been many new wardrobe items added; from casual wear to sexy tops, skirts, dresses, boots and lingerie, there is something new to dress in.

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