Sunday , December 4 2022
3DXChat sex updates

3DXChat Sex Updates

It has been a few months since I have mentioned any 3DXChat sex updates; however 3DXChat doesn’t stop moving forward just because I haven’t posted about it. I thought I had better rectify that and tell you some of the latest and greatest that has been going on.

After the 3DXChat Weddings post there were more 3DXChat sex updates. The updates were mainly around the area of anal sex and Strap-ons; this included fixes and enhancements for female with female (FF) and female with male (FM).  In addition the penis option has been added to all female sex animations where it is possible to do so.

Some of the details released by 3DXChat relate to two new strap-on types that have been added for women.  In addition to these updates, 3DXChat have added a Volumetric Lighting Effect. This effect has been applied to the Night Club, Sin Club and on Love Island; but only when the graphical settings are high or extremely high.  In case you are wondering what Volumetric lighting is, so was I! According to Wikipedia “It allows the viewer to see beams of light shining through the environment; seeing sunbeams streaming through an open window is an example of volumetric lighting“.

In addition to the 3DXChat sex updates, there has also been a number of extra objects and materials added to the home designer.  You can now have surfaces outside such as grass or maybe a brick floor in one of your houses.  The home editor interface has been improved and you can now stream radio too.

There have also been some improvements to the  character customization interface along with the addition of a new colour palettes tool and new designs from XDariaX.

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On last big improvement is the addition of a camera so that you can take screenshots, you must remember to set 3DXChat to run as administrator though otherwise the photos won’t get saved.

If you are not familiar with 3DXChat then follow the link below to find out more about this amazing virtual sex MMORPG.  To join 3DXChat for one month is just $19.95 or  six months is only $59.95. The cheapest method is to join for a full 12 months for just $91.95.

Alternatively join Sex Game Devil for just $29.95 for one month and this will give you access to all six of their adult games in addition to some other stuff.

Find out more about the 3DXChat Sex Updates

3DXChat anal sex with strap-on

3DXChat strap-ons

3DXChat sex updates

3DXChat home editor improvements

3DXChat glow cubes

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