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3DXChat Tattoos

3DXChat Tattoos

3DXChat tattoos were added as a feature to the game. In addition faces, makeup, clothing and hairstyles were all added to as the year came to an end.

At the start of December there were a number of additions across both genders.  The main addition was that of tattoos; you can now customise your characters arms, legs, torso and face.

3DXChat Head Changes

On both female and male characters, new face shapes have been added and new eyebrows and options.  Female faces also get new eyelash options, contrast and luminosity. Also on your female characters, the eye makeup option has been divided into two, Contour and Shadows. The male characters have new beards along with some new options.  Face tattoos have been added for both the male and female characters.

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3DXChat Tattoos

3DXChat tattoos were a nice addition. They are very flexible, there are currently only a couple of styles for the limbs and torso, but more will be added; however, there are nearly 20 face styles.  The placement of tattoos is pretty flexible turn them on or off on either arm or leg, or several places on the torso; they can be added to faces too.

New Clothes and Hairstyles

In December there were some pretty skimpy new outfits for the girls; you’ll find them under dresses, but they are more like body suits.  You can have a new hairdo too, several in fact if you are a woman, just one if you’re a man; however men do get a new beard too.

There are some new shoes for you women, they are some pretty thick soled pumps, really glitzy too. Finally of course there is a nice new Santa suit specifically for the guys; that’s where the new beard comes in too.

3DXChat surely must be one of the most configurable adult multiplayer virtual sex games around; if you want to find out more you can visit the site below.

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