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3DXChat Updates

3DXChat Updates

It has been a while now since I have given you any news of 3DXChat updates; but I have news for you now of the latest additions. If you’d like to know more you can read our post about 3DXChat here.

For a while there weren’t any 3DXChat updates because they were working on version 2.0.  However, now that 3DXChat 2.0 is now the version you get when you join the updates are coming again. 3DXChat has been my favourite MMOVSG since it launched; the quality of the game’s environment, graphics and content updates make it stand out from the rest.

Just recently 3DXChat updates have included new sex positions, new props and new hair styles.  Also, you can now feel like you are in Westworld thanks to the addition of a new location, the Saloon; just like Westworld, real people are living out their fantasies in a virtual world … but with more sex.

Throughout December and January, there have been a lot of new sex animations across the board.  The 3DXChat updates include new animations whatever your sexual preference; bi, straight, lesbian or gay, there’s something new for everyone.

The new sex animations in 3DXChat include new oral sex and foreplay for you to try; also you have a number of new vaginal and anal sex positions.

3DXChat is more than just a top quality adult MMORPG; with 3DXChat you can play in single player mode with up to two partners that are included with your membership.  You can also use it as an adult social networking forum to meet up with friends; meet people to chat to, party with or meet people for virtual sex, the choice is yours.

If you haven’t tried 3DXChat you can find out more information here; as a member there will be further regular updates for you to enjoy too.

iStripper Liya Silver stripping

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