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Anal Masters Review

Anal Masters Review

Anal Masters is an adult game, and at Adult Sex Game Reviews I review all the top adult games. Also I give you honest opinions upon the quality of the adult game that you are contemplating buying. There are many different types of game from the unbeatable adult adventure game BoneTown, the fantastic 3D virtual sex game 3D Sex Villa and the POV virtual sex simulator VirtualFem.

So when I first looked at the Anal Masters adult game I was a little unsure of what to expect, it seemed a little basic I thought; however it turned out that this is probably its strong point. The Anal Masters sex game is different, it is an arcade game similar in the style to the arcade games that you may have found in the 1990s, but with better and more adult graphics.

The idea of Anal Masters is that you have to manoeuvre a hentai girl and catch falling items in her butt. If you catch enough of the right items you will expose the erotic hentai pictures (if you like hentai girls you will love these). You need to catch the dildo, banana, beer bottle or cucumber in order to do this as they will give you points and make you hentai girl “coo”. Avoid the rest as they will lose you points and make your hentai girl sound like she has been anally impaled with a large marrow!

The idea seems simple, but the rate at which the items fall can make this very challenging. Sometimes the items speed up as they are coming down so your hentai girl ends up catching a pumpkin in her ass as well as a beer bottle, no wonder she winces! In all cases there are so many items falling at once that it will stretch your hand/eye coordination.

Anal Masters adult arcade game is a truly surprising game; before you play it it seems almost too basic, but it’s simplicity makes it a great diversion from the complexity of some games and a great way to pass as short or long a time as you want. Once you start playing the Anal Masters adult game the goal may well end up being more about getting the high score than exposing the hot hentai babes, this certainly was the case with me.

I have a competitive streak in my nature so for me the addition of a world wide high scores table added that little extra something to make this an adult game that you will want to keep playing. In fact at the time of writing this review I have got to be the top of the Anal Masters adult game world high scores table ( so if you are competitive why not check out Anal Masters and see if you can beat me.

You can set up different users to play the Anal Masters adult arcade game, perfect if you have more than one adult gamer in your household or if you want to beat your scores with a different user. The background music is pleasing, and the noises made as your hentai girl catches the stuff in her butt have a real “hentai” sound about them.

The other great thing about the Anal Masters adult game is the price, only $19.99 for all of Sex Game Devil’s sex games, including the amazing 3DXChat MMOVSG.

The game comes complete with 12 separate exclusive hentai girls and each girl has 6 erotic pictures therefore giving you 72 exclusive erotic hentai pictures in total. However there are also extras hentai girls that become available which are free to download thus giving you access to even more adult hentai pics.

If you like arcade games, enjoy a challenge, have a competitive streak and like to see hot naked hentai babes then at this price the Anal Masters adult game is an adult game that is definitely worth a look. Anal Masters adult arcade game offers unexpectedly addictive gameplay.

Since this review was written,Anal Masters is now part of the Sex Game Devil’s bundle deal; the deal even includes the 3DXChat MMOVSG.

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Anal Masters Review Overview

Graphics - 75%
Value for Money - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


A very strange yet addictive game

Anal masters is a very strange arcade style game where you have to catch various items in the butt of a hentai girl to beat online high scores and reveal naked hentai pictures.

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