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Chathouse 3D Escorts

Chathouse 3D Escorts

Chathouse 3D escorts is a new idea from  the creators of one of the most original adult virtual world games around.  You will no doubt have heard of Chathouse 3D and if not then read our Chathouse 3D review.  Essentially however it is an MMOVSG (massively multiplayer online virtual sex game) that focuses on free roaming around a house; this is in contrast to most which have a number of locations to roam around.

Initially it seems odd because you want to go and look around more places and there are none; however, you soon realise that with the attention fixed in one location the focus on virtual sex is greater.

Chathouse 3D escorts is extremely innovative for both the client and the escort. As an escort it allows you to do what you enjoy, and make money at the same time; as a client it allows you to pay for virtual sex and get what you want out of the encounter.

You will have to register as an escort if you want to be one, this is to ensure that some checks are in place; checks will validate your gender and your age to make sure you are who you say you are.

Escort mode is just another game mode; once selected you will be charged per minute, currently this is 1,000 XCoins.  This means that you only pay for the time you are with an escort, and you can quit at any time.  Chathouse 3D escorts are like real escorts; you book time with them, and in return they will fulfil your fantasies.

Escorts will need to be good; a rating widget on escort profile will show what other clients think of them. This makes selecting the right escort for your needs easier task. Another benefit of Chathouse 3D Escorts is availability of virtual sex even when there are not many users around.

All other game modes will still be available; it just means that escorts are there for those who want them.

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