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Chathouse 3D Goth Update

Chathouse 3D Goth Update

Chathouse 3D Goth update is one of the latest updates to this advanced adult MMORPG.   Chathouse 3D seems to have been rightfully growing in popularity over the last year and seems to have been more regularly updated.

Chathouse 3D Goth update is here to celebrate the world of Goth girls (and guys) with some cool new clothing.  The clothing for Goth girls includes some pretty cool attire; a skull top, a leather midi skirt, leather boots, a spike necklace and a studded wrist band.  For the guys you have a leather top, leather trousers, two types of leather boots, a rivet necklace and a spike bracelet.

The Chathouse 3D Goth update will appeal if you are a bit of a Goth, or ever wanted to be, also it will appeal to heavy metal fans as they are similar to Goths in some of the dress style and music tastes.

So if you like your partners to be made up and dressed mainly in black with a loathing of the world then this is the update you have been waiting for because now you can have sex with Goth girls without leaving your house.

Don’t confuse Goth and Emo girls, because although they have similarities such as their roots in punk rock, tattoos and a dark personality they differ in one major thing … Goth girls hate the world and Emo girls hate themselves.

The great thing about the Chathouse 3D Goth update and indeed all the clothing updates is that it allows you to role play at being somebody you may have always wanted to be, or allows you to express the person you actually are.

Chathouse 3D is an advanced MMOVSG  which was always good, but has got better thanks to the number of members increasing and the single player mode.  You can read the full Chathouse 3D review here.

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Chathouse 3D Goth Update

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