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Chathouse 3D Room Editor

Chathouse 3D Room Editor

Chathouse 3D room editor is a welcome addition to the popular Chathouse 3D MMOVSG (massively multiplayer online virtual sex game).  In order to get the room editor you will need to spend a few xcoins; however if you like to customise it’ll be worth it.

The Chathouse 3D room editor comes with one save slot as default which means you can create one new room; if you want more, you can buy extra save slots.  Personally I think the room editor should come with more than one save slot, but it is not too expensive to add them.

To access the editor you change the game mode to Room Edit, select a save slot and location, then play; however you can start it via the tutorial mode, which is essential the first time you use it.

Once in the Chathouse 3D room editor mode, you use the in game browser to select a room. Items that can be added can be either interactive (allowing sex on them) or furniture which is simply aesthetic.  A nice feature is that you can add items to the top floor too, sadly only aesthetic items.  I think it is a missed opportunity to only be able to have sex on the ground floor of the apartment; however I am sure with time this may change.

The room editor can seem a little complicated at first but stick with it.  You can move furniture that is already in the house as well as adding new stuff.  There are rules which need following, particularly for the interactive furniture, but the tutorial covers this.

I would prefer Chathouse 3D to have a slightly wider virtual world to play in, even if this just included the beach and the swimming pool; however Chathouse 3D is a very advanced adult game  which definitely benefits from the new room editor. You can read the full Chathouse 3D review to find out all the details of the game.

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