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Coronavirus Lockdown Discounts

Coronavirus lockdown, words many of us are familiar with now; if, like much of the world, you are staying at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a few discounts might help.

I, like many others, am holed up from the outside world; sometimes this can be tough and require a certain amount of resolve; however it is for the benefit of us all that we #StayHome to keep people safe!

What you do with yourselves is very much down to who you are; however, companies around the world are offering freebies and discounts to help you.

The first two discounts from both 3DXChat and Affect3D represent a huge saving, so take advantage of them whilst you are staying home.

The purpose of this post is to alert you of discounts of products relevant to Adult Games News.

I will be keeping my eyes open for any other discounts on adult games or products.  When I find any I will include them in this post so that you can save even more money on your purchases.

3DXChat Discount

3DXChat Coronavirus Lockdown Discount

3DXChat is my favourite adult MMORPG, there is something for everyone.  You can play on your own or interact with others; perfect for interacting with like minded adults when you have to stay home. With 3DXChat your Coronavirus lockdown may be a little more bearable. Currently the discount is 50% off of all plans, monthly, six monthly or yearly, a huge saving.

If you want to find out more about this amazing MMOVSG, you can read our post about 3DXChat 2.7.

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Affect3D 40% Discount Code

Affect3D Discount Code

In order to make staying at home easier to bear, Affect3D have offered a discount of 40% or 20%; the percentage you get depends on the size of the order, over $40 is 40%, under is 20%. The Affect3D discount codes are valid until April 14th 2020, they are stayhome40 and stayhome20.

Affect 3D provide lovers of 3DX with some of the best content around. The diversity is large because the creators of the content are small independent designers; it incorporates 3DX animation, images, comics, games and more.  At Adult Games News we have reviewed many of the offerings and have nearly always been impressed; take a look at our Affect3D Tag to read the reviews, but visit the site as there is a plethora of choice.

As an example, the Puppet Master 2019 Collection includes all puppet master 3DX animations and adult games. Included in this offer is the entire Sensual Adventures series and the game; see the full list of what’s included in the offer here. It is already discounted and represents a saving of 50%, but apply the code stayhome40, and you could buy it for under $60.

Visit the Extensive Affect3D Store

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