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Divine Avatar Chapter One Review

Divine Avatar chapter one is the start of an unusual (depending upon your taste) series of hybrid visual novels.

Divine Avatar chapter one includes 20 minutes of 1080p 3D voiced video and 100 images.  The story itself is a fantasy adventure which is 7,000 words long; a lot of thought put into it.

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Divine Avatar Chapter One – The Story

Novyn is a beautiful, busty pink haired elf who has been created to walk amongst the mortals. She has been created as the personal Avatar for the Goddess Lyanna. Her purpose was to answer the prayers of the mortals and help them to lead a virtuous life.

Unfortunately she is faulty, virtue is not in her vocabulary, she just wants to have sex. Divine Avatar chapter one begins with Novyn’s first day, but she fucked up a bit. It introduces her and the world in which she lives and takes her through her sexual voyage of self discovery.  There is a certain amount of social commentary and some humour threaded into the story.

This is not a story for those who want nothing but sex, but it is for those who love something a little alternative.

First Thoughts About the Game

Divine Avatar chapter one is a 3DX fantasy adventure that includes a large amount of reading. If you like a visual novel to have multiple pathways this may not satisfy you.  However, a lot of thought has been put into the story; including the author’s feelings about the world we live in, which have been kind of interwoven with the story.  For other visual novels or multiple pathway games you could try Cockwork Industries or Date Night, You will however be able to see different endings of the last scene if you play it often; apparently there are three different ones.

I read the novel in one sitting. It was a very imaginative story which I found humorous and entertaining; I would suggest taking a break though rather than going through it in one go. If you do decide to take a break, do it at the end of a scene rather than just closing the game mid scene, otherwise you’ll have to read half the scene again.

The voice of the narrator on the opening scene is quite sexy and well suited to the genre of the story. The background music and audio is very well selected for the theme.

There are some improvements which I think would be nice just for ease. A save point would be cool so that you could resume the story half way through a chapter rather than having to return to the scene before. Also a quick route to the main menu would be good. If you want to select another scene you have to wait to the end of the current scene.  That being said, none of those points are problematic, they would just be an improvement and they are mentioned by the game designer.

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Divine Avatar Chapter One Review Overview

Graphics - 93%
Value for Money - 88%
Sound - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 87%


An In Depth Visual Novel For Fantasy Lovers

This is a very in depth visual novel for lovers of adult fantasy. It has good humour and is a tongue in cheek story, which is adult themed.

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