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FutaErotica Pirate Island Review

FutaErotica Pirate Island is a full length 21 minute Futanari 3DX animation.  You are aboard the pirate ship, the “Booty Hunter”; you join the adventure with the futa captain Jackie Sparrow being jerked off by the first mate; and there’s much more besides that too.  Meanwhile the crew member is on the island supposedly looking for buried treasure; instead, she buries something else into a horny girl who is native to the island.

Thoughts About FutaErotica Pirate Island

I have reviewed many excellent Affect3D 3DX offerings, and FutaErotica Pirate Island is another; however, whilst it is definitely good, it’s not the best, my opinion however may differ from yours.

What I liked about Pirate Island was that it was straight into the sex, and I quite like the pirate theme. The graphics are very good, as is the sound, it just seemed to be lacking in the story a little.  I like there to be a bit of a storyline to it to make it interesting; an example of this is Sensual Adventures, part of  The Puppetmaster 2019 Collection that I posted about.

Overall FutaErotica Pirate Island is a good offering, the 3DX is good and the girls are big breasted. It seemed to me that Jackie Sparrow is a futa but that her crew member was wearing a strap on; this adds a little more variation, but a few more sex positions may have been good.

Overall however this is definitely a reasonable 3DX animation which you are sure to enjoy if you like futanari.  As for value for money it is pretty good as it costs around $14; for that you get the full HD720 3DX animation and audio in MP4 format plus 50 high quality images in a PDF file. Because it is a video in MP4 format, it will be perfect for watching on your smartphone or tablet.

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FutaErotica Pirate Island Review Overview

Graphics - 85%
Value for Money - 90%
Sound - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 80%


Excellent Graphics and 3DX Animation Theme

Captain Jackie Sparrow is filling in her first mate whilst her crew member looks to bury herself in the locals on Pirate Island. This full length 3DX animation that is worth a look for pirate fans looking for booty.

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