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Cockwork Industries Review

Cockwork Industries Review

Cockwork Industries is only the second adult game that I have reviewed from the Affect3D platform; and I have been reviewing their products for a while now.

Many of the games and animations on the platform are Futanari based, but not all; Cockwork Industries, primarily is not.  Either way the game will keep you busy for a while, particularly if you don’t use the game guide to help you discover the pathways.

What is Cockwork Industries

Cockwork Industries is a high quality adventure game with multiple outcomes.  It depends on which path you take through the game as to who you will end up having sex with.  It is important to point out that whilst this is a sex game, it’s not all about the sex. Within the game you also have to look for certain items to boost your inventory or to help you progress.

With Cockwork industries, you have to form relationships with the various employees in order to have sex; this is where the importance of your chosen path comes in.  Your answers to the dialogue will determine who you will end up with in the final chapter.  There is an option to have a gay relationship if you want to, you decide this before starting the game.

The game is for adult gamers who like a more in depth game play rather than just sex; therefore, it is important that you do not compare sex games of different types.  it cannot be compared to games like 3D SexVilla or iStripper, nor should it be. In those games it is all about sex or nudity, not discovering personalities and forming relationships.

Cockwork Industries Story Line

You play the part of Dwayne, a lucky guy who has won a competition to visit Cockwork Industries; you won the competition whilst browsing porn online.

It is more than just a visit though, you are a VIP for a few days with the company; with an all access pass.  You get to enjoy the facilities and the employees! You also will have an important role to play in the quickly approaching announcement of project Fut[ure].

Despite the name Cockwork Industries, the company is not just about porn, it is a research facility specialising in body enhancements; particularly project Fut[ure].  You will be introduced to personality clashes, personal aspirations, jealousy, desire and much more; as with all people, what drives them is very personal to them.

It will be your task to discover how you need to interact with each in order to finally get them to have sex with you.

Thoughts on The Game

Cockwork Industries is undeniably a quality product at a good price.  Whether you like it will depend on the type of game you enjoy.  If you like a game to stimulate more than just your external body parts then this could be for you; you will have to make decisions, through dialogue options, as to best way to answer to get the result you want.

The graphics are excellent and the characters are beautiful, with great bodies.  A lot of thought has been given to the game and this is apparent from the start.

You will need to collect items through the game, these items can be used or gifted; not all girls like all items and not all items should be used as a gift.

There is a good game guide which can be downloaded which gives the best answers for each employee; however, I would suggest using it only in the event that you are stuck or frustrated.

One thing I think could be improved is the save feature.  You can save the game at any point, but only the last save seems to be remembered; I think it would be better if you could have multiple save points.  It can be frustrating if you have to go through the whole dialogue to a given point; selecting from multiple save points would improve this.

Cockwork Industries does offer great value. Even with the game guide I only completed one path through the game within several hours. Once you complete a pathway you also get access to short animations from the game or images from that encounter. You will have to complete all paths to access all the additional content available.

Visit the Cockwork Industries Page at Affect3D

Cockwork Industries Review Overview

Graphics - 97%
Value for Money - 90%
Sound - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 92%


Interesting Adventure Game With Quality Graphics

Cockwork Industries is worth trying for those who want more than just sex from an adult game. It will require that you exercise your brain in addition to any other body parts.

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User Rating: 1.48 ( 2 votes)

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