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Ethan’s New Client Review

Ethan’s New Client was the 7th edition of the gay sex game from PocketDate Boy.   Ethan’s New Client wass streets ahead of the original game “Personal Trainer Ethan” both in content and functionality. However, the company no longer exists, so you may need to look elsewhere. Read the 3D GayVilla 2 Review to see an alternative game.

Currently the PocketDate Boy games come in two editions, the Standard edition and the Premium one.  Ethan’s New Client is a premium edition adult game and as such is more challenging to progress through the Bases.

In order to purchase the Ethan’s New Client you will need to download the free PocketDate Boy Starter. From here you can download each and every one of their gay games. Most have a demo edition so that you can try them out first if you would prefer.

Personal Trainer Ethan is back to put you through your paces; hopefully you will have what it takes to get him into the shower or the sauna with you.

At first base you get to introduce yourself and be polite with your replies. You would think it is easy to score maximum points, but say the wrong thing and you won’t be rewarded.  Once you get through the initial stages, Ethan will devise an exercise routine for you; follow him carefully because if you don’t then he won’t be impressed; especially when he asks you to repeat what he has just shown you.  Initially you only have to do three exercises, but this increases as you get better.

In the locker room at first base you are treated to the sight of some very buff naked bodies strolling round whilst you are waiting to begin your workout.

Once at second base you have a similar process to follow in order to get to third base. However, the routines get harder as you have to follow him through several times up to eight exercises.

If you get completely stuck, and begin to get frustrated with the game then use the game guide; it comes with the game allowing you to enter a cheat code to unlock all the bases.

Third base is where you really want to be, once here with maximum points you get three different locations in which you and Ethan can get it on.  The great thing is that the animated sex continues as long as you want it to, and you can switch between three separate scenes at three speeds (you can even zoom in) and once you are ready you can opt to orgasm!  There are 3 different scenes for each location.

There isn’t really anything not to like about Ethan’s New Client, the only think I would still like to see would be different camera angles and more control over the zoom, but these would only serve to improve an already great game.

The graphics are excellent and the musical score in the background (which can be turned off) adds authenticity to the gym environment.

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Ethan's New Client Review Overview

Value for money - 100%
Graphics - 100%
Sound - 95%
Playability - 95%


Gay adult game lovers will love this

For all lovers of the original gay game, you are going to love Ethan's New Client. The fantastic graphics and level of interactivity mean this is a keeper, oh and you get to see Ethan's toned body in even more detail than before.

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