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Fleshlight review

Fleshlight Review

If you think you enjoy masturbation then just wait until you try it with a Fleshlight in your hand!

For those of you who do not know, Fleshlight is the best selling Male Sex Toy in the world. It started with just one but now you have a huge variety to choose from; different cases, different inners and different styles separate them. I have the Fleshlight classic pink lady, it has a black case with a Vortex inner. I got it as part of a kit that I got with the VStroker virtual sex system; but the type of Fleshlight you buy can now be almost as unique as you.

A Fleshlight is simple to use, you can use it on your own or have a partner use it on you. Take the cap off and remove the inner, then soak the inner in a bowl of warm water if you want to; this is so that it will feel like a warm pussy as it retains the heat from the water.  After a few minutes put the inner back in the Fleshlight case; apply a little water based lube to the opening and your cock, and then slip inside. Masturbate as normal, but using the Fleshlight instead of just your hand.  You can alter the pressure inside it by loosening or tightening the end cap.

The Standard Fleshlight may not be small and discreet, but it feels absolutely awesome. It a very reasonable price, and it is the number one selling male sex toy worldwide, so you’re not alone.

Cleaning up is a breeze; simply rinse it under the tap with warm water and then leave it to dry in a well ventilated place.   If you are using it without your partner knowing then take due care; you don’t want them to come in whilst a soft pink vagina is hanging over the edge of your basin.

You can add the VStroker to the end of your masturbator and use it with VStroker enabled sex games. This allows true immersion into the game by allowing you to control the speed of the sex by letting it mimic the speed of your masturbation. You can also use it with VStroker interactive porn if you’d prefer.

Fleshlight comes  in three orifices, ass, pussy or mouth; choose the one you’d like your dick in! You can choose the colour of the case and the inner texture of the Fleshlight sleeve; have it vibrate, or buy attachments so you can use it in the shower; it can even be attached your  iPad or smart phone.

Have one disguised as a beer can, or get a Fleshlight girl where the orifice is an exact copy of your favourite porn star’s lady bits.  You can even have a Fleshlight Freak where you can fuck a variety of freaky creatures; these include Frankenstein an Alien or a Zombie for example.  If that’s not enough then there is always the Succudry where you can be blown by a vampire.

If you are gay you aren’t left out either as you can buy the FleshJack; also there are dildos that you can use too. Take a look at the FleshJack gay sex toys on the website using the link below.

Visit the Fleshlight Website

Fleshlight Review Overview

Enjoyment Level - 100%
Value for money - 100%
Quality - 100%
Variety - 100%
Ease of Cleaning - 100%


Wanking will never be the same again

Fleshlight is the worlds best selling male sex toy for a reason ... it's awesome

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