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Blewit Review

Blewit Masturbator Review

Blewit was a male masturbator, although similar to others in concept it is hoping to create better sexual relationships.  Blewit’s focus was on pleasure training, in making you a better lover as well as enjoying yourself learning. Unfortunately Blewitt no longer exists, however the review is still interesting as a historical item.

Women and men alike have sometimes seen male sex toys as weird, fortunately things are changing.  These days men have choice, and why shouldn’t men gain pleasure from masturbating with sex toys, women do!

The design of your Blewit masturbator has the pleasure of both partners in mind.  The emphasis is on making you a better lover by helping you learn to last longer before you cum.  Several features have been added to the Blewit masturbator to help you reach this goal.  The two most important for pleasure training are the interchangeable tightness rings and quick flip suction control.

The suction control really does make a difference to the enjoyment as you are able to control the way you like to use it.  With the use of the smaller of the two rings it felt even tighter than a Fleshlight which added to the pleasure.

Practise with the Blewit, either by yourself, or with your partner, learn how to pace yourself.  Once you learn control you will control yourself better when having sex;  but, don’t forget, this is also about you having fun with it too.

The sleeve is made from a skin-soft material designed to replicate the feeling of being inside a vagina, and I have to admit that although not the same it comes close.

Everything you need to know about the use of the Blewit is in the user guide which is very good.  The Blewit is well designed, it looks nothing like a masturbator from the outside; also it has a rubberised exterior which is easy to hold even when in the shower.

From a point of view of using it, it feels like nothing else, even slightly better than the more well known Fleshlight (read the Fleshlight review).

As will all things though the Blewit is not without its faults.  The inability to remove the sleeve makes it harder to clean because after use, when flushing through, the contents get stuck in the air flow grill of the suction control.   You are best to flush it though both ways from the top down; however, even then you will need to be particularly thorough.  Drying, can also take a little longer than expected.

The Blewit though, despite it’s few faults is well worth a look because it is one of the best from the point of view of holding it, and also from the feeling you get when using it.

Take a look at the website, and read the FAQ section as it will answer any questions.  International customers (outside the US and Canada) be aware that you will likely have to pay import duties.  The customs charge is out of the control of Blewit however and they do cover this on the FAQ page.

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Blewit Masturbator Review Overview

Enjoyment Level - 100%
Value for Money - 94%
Quality - 100%
Ease of Cleaning - 92%


Possibly the best feeling outside of a vagina

The Blewit is the perfect masturbator for men who want to become better lovers or women who want the same for their men. In addition however it is a great masturbator even if pleasure training doesn't bother you.

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