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Hot Octopuss Innovative Sex Toys

Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss is a unique British company with innovative, award winning sex toys, for everyone. Their website is fascinating for men and women who like to use sex toys, whether solo or as a couple.  I can’t remember where I first saw their products mentioned, but their interesting range keeps growing; with that in mind I felt they should get a mention.

I haven’t as yet reviewed any of their products, so this post is purely my thoughts on them. I would suggest visiting Hot Octopuss to take a look for yourself.

Their range of products, particularly for the men,  is quite unlike anything I have seen before.

How is Hot Octopuss Different?

Well, the biggest perceivable difference from reading the information on the website, is style.  The male products that I have reviewed so far, the Blewit and the Fleshlight, have focused on stroking;  both are very good, but the Hot Octopuss products seem very different, and quite unique.

The first difference you’ll notice in the male products is that the focus is on a hands free experience. The use of their patented technology has made vibrators for men that can be used even if you are flaccid; in addition, some can be used both as strokers, or hands free.

Another major difference is one of size, they appear to be much more discreet, especially the Pocket PULSE, a pocket sized, unique stroker.

How Do the Products Work and Who are They For?

Hot Octopuss make products for everybody, male and female, including those with varying disabilities. For a full description of both the products and the company, you need to visit Hot Octopuss.

One of their products that could interest the males amongst you is the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL; it incorporates their patented “PulsePlate Technology™” which vibrates under your penis. Flaccid or erect, simply insert yourself into the Pulse Solo, turn it on and enjoy hands free; perfect for adult gaming I would imagine.  The Pulse Solo can be used in the bath or shower too, and can also be used with lube as a stroker; in addition, they do a PULSE for couples to enjoy together.

As I have already explained, Hot Octopuss creates innovative products for all; two such products for the ladies are DIGIT, the aptly named finger vibe, and the discrete bullet vibrator AMO. Find out more about all of the products below.

See Full Range of Products at Hot Octopuss

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