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Blewit Masturbator

Blewit Masturbator For Mindful Masturbation

The Blewit masturbator is a male sex toy that has been specifically designed for perfect masturbation;  I haven’t tried one myself yet.  If you can believe all the info it looks set to become a must have sex toy for men.

Most men and women masturbate or have masturbated, even if they don’t always admit to it.  The Blewit masturbator has been designed to perfectly simulate intercourse; also it acts as a performance enhancer, helping you to perfect timing if like many men, performance is an issue.

Apparently one in three men can identify with performance issues but the Blewit masturbator is not just aimed at them, it looks like it is aiming to be the perfect product for all men to own.

Using the Blewit you are able to mindfully masturbate.  As far as I can gather mindful masturbation means paying attention to every little detail of the experience; focussing on the moment and not on the end result.  You notice what is happening and how you are feeling then you can use that to train yourself to perform better when in bed with your partner.  Depending on your partner you could on occasion even combine the two.

First and foremost however, the Blewit masturbator is designed to give men pleasure.  Women have been blessed with a whole host of sex toys to enhance the pleasure of their alone time for years, so why should it be any different for men.

The Blewit masturbator is similar to a Fleshlight (read the Fleshlight review); however to me it looks like it may be a slightly better design which is easier to look after.  It is designed to feel comfortable in your hand, whichever one you use.  It has a rubberised non slip coating, and it looks pretty funky.  You could easily mistake it for a Bluetooth speaker or a humidifier or possibly other everyday items; this saves your dignity if you forget to put it away before the family comes calling.

At the top of the Blewit there is a quick flip suction control which, when combined with the additional silicone rings, will give you true air-tight suction, or so they say.

Unlike the Fleshlight, the sleeve of the Blewit masturbator is non-removable which makes cleaning it even easier.  Simply remove the cap and run water through it until it is clean then use the ventilated drying dock to stand it on and it will dry in the air.  The cost seems pretty reasonable too at just under $80.

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