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Pulse Duo Review

Pulse Duo Review

The Pulse Duo is an innovative vibrator for the guys, a guybrator as it’s creators at Hot Octopuss call it; however, in addition to the pulse plate, it also includes a vibrating underside that is controlled by a remote control. The vibrating underside allows you to share the experience with your partner; they use the remote control to change the speed to their liking.

The Pulse Duo appears to be very innovative, different to the other couples vibrators I have seen. For the purpose of this review however, for now I am reviewing the sex toy for males (sorry girls), not as a couples toy.

How is the Pulse Duo Different?

The Pulse Duo is in effect a Pulse Solo, but with the vibrating underside. If you are male, and only need the toy for yourself, get one of the Pulse Solo models.

The Pulse is likely to be very different to other sex toys you may have used, and a very different experience … albeit with the same result.

If you have used any at all, you are most likely to have used strokers like the the Fleshlight or the the Blewit; the Pulse however is different. Hands free (virtually), the Pulse uses the deep vibrations of the pulse plate to get you off; it is a completely different experience, and it will seem alien to you at first.

There are some pretty cool things including six different vibration modes and nine different intensity levels; also three remote control selected levels on the vibrating underside for the woman in your life.

Which Method of Masturbation is Best?

There is no real answer to this question, everything is very personal to your likes and dislikes; also sometimes one method is better and sometimes another.

For me, when using a sex toy, generally the stroking method is preferred, it seems more natural. That said however, the Pulse Duo offers a very unique and enjoyable experience; there would be many occasions when the Pulse Duo would be the first choice.

Additionally, the Pulse Duo can be used as a stroker too, in fact combining the pulse plate technology with gentle stroking is actually a nice way to use it.

How to Use the Pulse Duo?

The best way for you to get the most from the toy is by trying it.  I took to it pretty quickly, but I think it could take some getting used to for some. You quite literally insert your penis and turn it on (the device that is); next just move the device to where it feels best and enjoy!  It is great for those occasions when you are feeling horny but really don’t have the energy, because you will still climax.

I found that to get the most out of it required a little holding in place, because the powerful rumbly vibrations didn’t keep it there; however, this is to be expected, and flaccid or hard, you will still be able to use it.

If used as a stroker, gentle movements rather than full on stroking seemed to work quite well with the vibrations. It is also nice when used in the shower or bath too as you can just relax and enjoy without any real effort on your part.

The Final Words

The Pulse Duo may not completely replace your other toys, but it will definitely be a worthwhile supplement to them.  It is more discrete than many, and certainly a lot easier to clean than toys like the Fleshlight or Blewit; however, just remember to keep it charged for when you need it.

Take a look at more in depth information on the Pulse Duo by using the link below; there are also a whole other range of Hot Octopuss sex toys to choose from.

If the solo use is anything to go by, then when using it with a partner I think it will lead to an interesting twist on foreplay; it is likely you will both be satisfied before the main event.

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Pulse Duo Review

Enjoyment Level - 95%
Value for money - 92%
Quality - 95%
Originality and Functionality - 97%
Ease of Cleaning - 100%


A great sex toy for singles or couples.

A very unique sex toy, which creates powerful and controllable rumbly vibrations for guys with a remote opertated vibrating underside for their partner.

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